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A look at the strained relationship between African countries/leaders and the International Criminal Court and how that could bring the birth of the African Court of Justice and Human Rights.
It is not due to fear but due to some political projects. ICC decides to send them to the more rewarding places as Dubai, Sharjah or other place offering them more monetary benefits and these teams are ready to play in Afghanistan Iraq or Palestine.
News regarding 2015 world cup announcement by ICC.
This article is on the chances of Indian team to win ICC Champions Trophy
Threat of terrorism has not spared the game of cricket.ICC or International Cricket council manages the affairs of the game of noblemen. The same ICC is managed by the politics. The administration does not know or know but it is used or abused by the politics.
IPL,Indian Premier League A Boon or Curse for Cricket Its a matter of cricket future.
The Indian team must justify that it is the best team in the world by winning abroad.This is not happenning.
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