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He was the one to break through her ice sheild. And shes falling hard!!
The captain of the police department sent Dad, Robert and Molly to investigate a theft at the museum. The museum was actually on the third floor of an old building near the town square. Dad and the team did a walk through and Dad took notes. Molly observed and Robert walked around ...
The team is enjoying some down time after their last case. Dad stopped at the pet store with Molly to see how Clarissa and Katie were doing. While they were there they met Freddy the goldfish. Dad and Molly were so impressed with Freddy that they brought him and his fish tank home w...
The Dynamic Duo and the team are beginning a new story at the start of winter. They live in a suburb of New Jersey and winters can be brutal. The team is preparing for the long winter months. Their last case was successful and they are hoping for a rest before another case presents...
Having lived at a stage when there weren't many domestic appliances, it means that it won't be a problem if we have to go without them.
Max has just recovered from a bad case of the flu. He's been researching a way to reach the old homestead. There's a blizzard outside with high winds, snow drifts and icy roads. This storm will go down in history. The temperatures are below zero with very little visibility.
Max is trying to find a safe way to travel to the old homestead. He found a map at the library and is planning on using it as a reference point along the way.
“Deep roots are not reached by the frost.” -J.R.R Tolkien This is a poem inspired, to keep our dreams safe from the stour, let tranquility seep into the stirrings of our hopes.
The Telekom explains the technique is now used for Internet coverage in the ICE. Flash-OFDM no longer in use. And long tunnels require special measures to wiring.
There is a snow advisory for the Northeast. There will be blizzard conditions with high winds.
just an update on the weather here in Arkansas today , it is pretty messy .
This is an update on the weather here in Northeast, Ohio. We are expecting some winter weather here in Cleveland.
November 14, 2014 This is a weather update of the first snowfall of the season. The weather forecast is snow, snow and more snow.
A poem how you tangle, a verse of how you mangle. I want all of your git-fiddles and harpy-harps to jangle. I'll eat the flesh of devils and angels.
Rather than give in to Seasonal Affective Disorder, I chose to write poetry about the winter weather. Hope it give you a moan, a groan, and perhaps a chuckle.
Love can melt the ice (A short story about a couple of former lovers)
The town of Tonopah is located halfway between Las Vegas and Reno, Nevada. The silver and gold boom of the early1900's quickly breathed life into the small community. The Mizpah Hotel opened to the public in 1907 to accommodate the miners. According to the thousands of visitors who ha...
The computer virus told me I had to pay $300 to avoid arrest and 'unfreeze' my computer; I said "No way" and set about trying to defeat it.
This is a beautiful poetry to read. A must read poetry for you.
Often a fascination with different periods of history on Mother Earth and other planets can lead to an exploration of our previous lifetimes. In this piece the end of one of my lifetimes and meeting with the wonderful...also a video of Cloud Atlas lots of many lifetimes.....
In the midst of all the fun Rainbow Ice comes to refreshing atmosphere. You can create your own to enliven the atmosphere in your family, it can also be used as a trading business.
February is more than a month on the calendar; it is a time and place to be remembered. Look long into those frozen fields of yesterday and you will find it there.....
This story is written from the diary entries I kept while on the journey. The year was 1981 and the season was winter. The goal was to traverse the southern scenic route of the South Island of New Zealand a total of 500 miles. The four horses are the main characters of my story. T...
Nature poetry, seasonal poetry, winter poetry, poetry
Maine neighbors helping neighbors after an ice storm brought the whole town to life during the Christmas season, 2013.
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