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I first met Dr. Robert Anthony in 1981 at an office building where my Mother worked at, in a seminar she was at and took me to. I also bought and read a little $4.95 book called "The Advanced Formula For Total Success" at that seminar and realized that most people there paid upward of...
Whenever someone comes with an innovative idea we must first stop apply our minds before we scrap it outright even without understanding it This article highlights Jonny dod's views.
You won’t believe the unlikely moments and places where writing ideas come out. So here I will talk of some benefits of having a dream journal or simply a journal.
For years I being thinking about writing a book. about my life and all the things that happen and I,d learnt from.And on the 10th of april an idea came to me. do the book thing. as a retiree I have a lot of time on my hands. so where do I start. hopefully Ill lead by example. with ...
First of all we must be bold enough and face our problems with our determination to advice others in this way.
You want to write but can’t just write when it comes to actually writing! That’s really embarrassing! Well, we all speak somehow, but we hesitate to write the same words just spoken. In fact, its easy to write what we speak.
Here are a couple of work at home ideas. Hope you will like.
Write a draft of your idea. This is only the beginning, next find the nearest garbage can and....
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