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This is a true account, but I will not give any details because it is about my boyfriend, and he likes that the least information possible be given out on the Internet about his origin etc.
Sound vibrations generated by one’s name ,create a frequency for an individual's personal name This helps one to know that one is being addressed to, amongst similar sounding names.Like Tom Jones and Tom Brown.
This essay is about personal identity and what it really means.
Written with an intention to inspire all those who are fighting with Identity crisis.
This article is about the finger print verification. It is the recent trend in most of the countries.
Fish identification can be tricky even for experienced anglers. This article offers tips for easy identification of commonly misidentified species.
This is a description about ourselves. But you read in the beauty words. So,let's go read !!
Birthmarks are personal identification marks with which infants are born. They may be a raised or flat discolored skin that is visible on the skin of a baby at birth. Though not yet scientifically proved the birth mark are said to foretell the future of the baby.
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