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Kevin Sweefarend is visited during the night by Snuifie the messenger boy, who brings him a very conceited letter, informing him of the Better World Project and its intent to steal Kevin's sheep.
When we accept that we should have a choice as far as clothing, home, objects, jobs, and even things are concerned, we give ourselves a choice of races.
A discussion of religion and intellectual criticism as it pertains to Marx's thought and religious ideology.
Ideology in daily life often arises out of a need to find patterns and meaning out of the seemingly random complexities of the world. The characters and methods of detective novels can help us understand the role that ideology plays in our own lives.
Here at the beginning of the 21st century, our understanding of sanity and insanity isn’t a great deal more sophisticated than it was a century ago.
Despite most countries enjoying democratic political system with the power to elect their leaders, the hopes and aspirations of the majority poor are stymied by their inability to agree to disagree especially after elected leaders are in power. Endless bickering and infighting give a ...
This week the US Air force attacked ISIS and other groups in Syria, yet in August, president Barack Obama openly admitted that he did not have a strategy to combat the Jihadist ISIS group as it advances in Iraq and Syria as well as other groups across the Middle East.
Every reality stands on an ideology. Two friends stood on an ideology and made their ode for freedom of mankind but it was broken after, one of them forgotten but one never forgotten and he feels the same pain all over his life.
Below is the information on a man who was willing to put himself on the line with other academics. He has written many books which are a source of inspiration for many and a death of belief to many on and enjoy
we used to carry loads on our backs to earn something that we could give away in charity. One person presented a considerable amount for charity and the hypocrites said: "He has done it to show off." Another one gave away a few Sa' of dates and they said: "Allah does not stand in nee...
Every person has different personality and belief. They respond or behave according to that. Most of us expect a lot of things from others, but never try to set an example first.There is a child within everyone and like a child (I am not saying it is 100% correct but most of the time ...
It is a fact that we existed in this world with various religion and different faith. I wanted the world to know who is my God and whom I am worshipping.
Do you consider yourself an 'evolved' thinker? Learn the differences between an evolved thinker and an intellectual thinker, to determine if your worldview has been swayed by cultural influences.
Red songs are ideologies and politics? Yes, but they are more cultures.
This is an Ideological reflection on Eve and Mary, two women of contrast of two different testaments of the Bible, yet both are victimns of same patriarchal ideology of woman as inferior.
Looking at how further development of awareness may be unnecessary.Rather a revision of approach may be the order of the day at this point.You may see the one as suggestive of the other, but we shall see how the two don't necessarily equate with an optimum result. Were awareness prod...
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