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With only one show each week of "American Idol" the performances and results are in the same night. This was the first week of the fan results.
After the fan votes Idol reveals the 12 finalists of season 14. Who made it through and who went home?
The 12 become eight when the guys take the stage at The Fillmore in Detroit and Ryan reveals the results.
Who made the top 24 on "American Idol" and will face the voting fans next week?
Every season thousands vie for the title of "American Idol"; but at what cost?
Hoping to garner more interest in season 14, "American Idol" is giving fans a little peak into what's coming this season.
"American Idol" undergoes another change as one of the two remaining original cast members leaves the show.
Idol seller is a passionate outcome of the experience with a poor idol seller. as the people are become modern, the thrown away all the virtues and values and the reat philosophies. the idols of the great people are old passions. The man tried to sell a piece. but the hot sun make him...
Some facts why idol worshipping is not a right method for praying to God.
The drama of the little girls who all aspire to be the second Nadia Comeneci and be gymnastics performers, but their body type does not advantage them.
Now all the contestants who tried out in the various Idol auditions across the country have landed in Hollywood. A total of 309 arrived in Tinseltown where half that number will be eliminated. The first round consists of singing a solo in front of the judges without any music accomp...
The article highlights the Sinthee Youth Association Durga Puja held in Sinthee, Kolkata.
Here is a collection of my personal favorite quotes regarding patriotism.
A teenager tries to explain that the feelings she has for her idol are not just infatuation, but the the pain of unrequited love.
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