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Another day life offers what it has to offer: People and their thingies that make life interesting.
"That was absolutely pathetic", says some people when they hear someone they think cannot sing. But what if someone who can't sing, wants to sing anyway come hell or high waters?
Harrison and I have started a music venture earlier this year. First, my job was to make the music videos, and Harrison is our singer "Josh Mercury", and he makes the music and writes the songs and so on. Later on as things developed, it seems I also do the website now.
The happiest feast of the Hindu Bengalis -Durga Puja- is at hand. The joyous mood has already set in the air. People are talking about it, planning about it and the preparations for it are in full swing.
We all worship something. It is either God or something else (devil). What do you choose to worship??
Do dreams have a reality we haven't accounted for? Are they true? Our lives, are they founded upon dreams and figments of our imaginations?
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