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This article explores 'ignorance' and 'intolerance' towards others from different angles of society.
There are too many hate-mongers in the world today and this isn't simply a case of Donald Trump's desire to register all Islamic people in the USA. It seems that part of a western agenda is the need to create turmoil across the world, create hatred focused against a billion people wor...
Our nature is to be ignorant, but will everything really turn into bliss if we are ignorant?
A story that touches the mind. Ignorance is not innocence, but sin.
Awareness is a poetical concept in a way. This article then opens with a poem about awareness, and being aware. From there we explore the concept of awareness from the viewing platform of love. Finally we see that real awareness only descends onto us when we fully contact, and be...
This piece of poetry is saying in a poetic way that we know it all already. Ignorance is a blind that we draw over our own light that's forever shining bright. How could a part of oneness not know all of oneness? Being yourself reveals to you more than just yourself. The pain drops...
You are the goddess I can't erase I always remember the ride home from school Because my parents were not at home I survived If you don't know how bad I drank Don't you know how my heart hurt Only leave the infinite memory of innocence
How to say nicely words that could be cruel..but then sometimes important to shake awake those who sleep in ignorance as their lives slip away...for nowadays it seems that ignorance is bliss for want of a better word....enjoy
Well many there are who really do not understand my writings and then question them. Fine by me it is...if i can shed some light on incredible happenings I will as I have always done.. pioneer I am...
So many people now operate from sheer jealousy and greed...They refuse to do anything to look good rather gorge and then are cruel to those of us who take good care of our bodies and this is what this is about...
America may just be the most profoundly uninformed, anti-intellectual society on the face of the earth. We are as dumb as it gets, and we're getting even dumber.
You like a little rap, Alright lets clap, Give it a slap, O wait, snap. There was this thing, I wanted to bring. So lets give it a swing, And let this story begin!
The average American's brain lacks both knowledge and wisdom. Where else would a president who bails out banksters with a gift of 700 billion dollars be called a socialist?
Reality has a way of seeping in on nightly dreams, some believing they foreshadow the future. Upon waking this morning, the story’s fatalistic residual remained demanding.
Scottish History records the tragic happenings that unfolded at Glencoe on 13th February 1962. The Clan MacDonald, in having extended their warm hospitality by sheltering 'travelers' on that fatal winter's night, soon fell prey to the callously plotted King's ransom that was to be the...
This is to difference these two: Ignorance and Nescience. Something that everyone should know.
The word "Insomnia" is a Latin word meaning "No Sleep" or Sleep Debt, it is a chronic inability to sleep and it has been found by researchers to have some negativity on life.
Some will be better off not reading this especially if you believe what medical doctors tell least most of them who prefer money to practicing the Hippocratic Oath they took when becoming part of this profession...shame on them and on you for not checking...
This is a poem on a comparison between wisdom and wealth among Men and Women - WILLIAMSJI MAVELI
The natural reactions, affects and colorings of brown skin and skin in general.
This article firstly looks at how ignorance is related to unconsciousness, and to consciousness. It then goes on to looking at how the idea of sin fits into the bigger picture of it all. Finally, the article discusses what might actually be God's state of being.
This is a true experience..but I am sure many have come against inexperienced professionals who laud themselves, drive without consideration, talk a loud talk and inside quake with fear for their foundation is so weak...we see them all the time!!!
Distinguishing between the myths and ignorance. True causes and affects along with the non effects. Everyone who occasionally has a break out does not necessarily have the true formation of acne.
When being alone has absolutely nothing at all to do with being lonely. And when wanting to be alone is actually a very healthy and happy state of existence, and well-being.
The beauty and power of silence. Quietness is often spoken in loud tones of wisdom.
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