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Illegal immigration is a pressing problem in America. This article suggests a logical remedy to this problem by referencing King Nebuchadnezzar of ancient Babylon.
This stalker who represents the parking enforcement in Duarte California singles out truckers and people in motor homes and especially me , I have traveled all over this country America and it is only Duarte that I am constantly receiving tickets.
We should all struggle in search of better lives for ourselves and our children. But mortal peril -- or tragic accident -- could be avoided with more concern for equal rights.
Illegal immigration is a hot button issue in the US at the moment. I wrote this poem based on true events. As an old man, I've come to understand that sadly there are many sides to every issue. This portrays of of them.
In spite of a push from both sides of the aisle for immigration reform, support as started dropping in light of recent world events.
For anyone, anywhere that ever wanted to know just exactly what the meaning of pork is, now you have your answer.
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