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A few things people may not know about the black history that was never published in the school books. If they were, I would have known about it. I read part of a story today that enlightened me on my own history -- black history.
Have you ever wondered why trafficking of young ladies and girls could be done easily in many countries? Why do some bachelors have to buy wives?
Child labor is a major challenge of our time, it is a complex issue with no simple solutions. Massive in scale corrosive to societies and fatal in the consequences, it is cruel to children and insulting to human dignity.( Haggai and Agbor 2001).
Often we come across people, who though disgusting in their personal habits, cannot be wished away. A tricky handling of the situation can save them from feeling embarrassed and us from feeling discomfort as well.
Rural women are the unknown vital force of humanity. They are unrecognized contributors to the survival of the world. Their part in agriculture and other works in rural areas is considerable. Though the part of rural women in the development of the world is greater than men, their pos...
India celebrated its sixty third Republic Day recently. The vibrant spirit of Indian Atman is slowly dying in the selfish struggles of the politicians who make the poor still poorer and make the rich exploit the poor. It is sad to note that the power mongers are more particular about ...
A response to the recent reports of Boris Johnson and Peter Andre responding to illiteracy in London. Also exploring the wider issue of illiteracy.
A criticism on working class of scientists who work for pharmacy corporatism
Its known that India has made so much development, in every field whether be science, business, glamour etc. But the hard truth is that the rural areas still lies uneducated and under developed.
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