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Some new writings, a breakaway from my usual style and fare.
What WERE some of the creatures of the air, sea, fresh waters, mountain ranges, prairie grasslands, and were they indeed of a carnivorous nature? – Uthrania Seila Sentana-Ries Cortez
I had always wanted to attend a hot air balloon festival. With this one supposedly being the last one in Colorado Springs, I had to make sure to attend this one.
Is illuminati for real, The devil is roaring looking for anyone to devour
With so much light around at night, One hardly tend to see the moonlight
A poem I wrote about the effects of religion on society as viewed by me.
Is there anything better than lying in bed so warm and cosy, as a thunderstorm rages, lashing out into the night......? You can feel the atmosphere build...hear the rain drum against windows...Such power, such beauty......A spectacular sight...
~when I was very young~I made a promise to myself~I would come to know my Children~to listen and learn from them~no gift compares~nothing in life lasts so long~the only guarantee I have ever known~that Children are the all~
Find out how you can save money just by choosing the lamps you have at home. People have been searching for ways to save at home and spend money wisely but usually fail to take a look at this one area.
You can enhance the beauty of your garden with the help of low voltage light. By highlighting attractive areas and foliage, your landscape will have an entirely new look while leaving not-so-attractive areas in the dark.
This one is strange; wrought from the oddities of my subconscious, I believe. Inspiration was derived from a hair-clasp sitting on my desk and from conflicts within me; past pain and allusions to a friend at the fore of my mind. Five lines per stanza? Why not.
Information on the amazing power of the organisms to emit light. Most of the marine animals have the ability to emit light for various reasons. Let us explore.
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