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In the imagination lie memories and pictures of far off times...ones I spent somewhere else as you too probably did. Accessing these is not always easy because the mind gets in the way and says it cannot be or some such thing. I just persevere!!!! and am so glad I do....
Sometimes some days are special to you but its not compulsary it be the same as to others..
Because my imagination is free, I shall imagine for this piece that I AM Goddess and can make the Earth a place of Peace.
Life is the dare challenge that all the creatures on the planet has to face
Clearly i am the one who only want to escape from freedom and set myself free from the reality within the reality.
This is part 2 of the mentality of a poet, ... part 1 ...
Do dreams have a reality we haven't accounted for? Are they true? Our lives, are they founded upon dreams and figments of our imaginations?
this is page dedicated to all my poems, written as reflections of my own experiences and moods. Well some will be able to relate to it, others could read for fun
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