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A simple explanation of what the International Monetary Fund is, what their job is, and how it affects global economy and trade.
Paul Krugman calls the punishing austerity being imposed upon Greece "madness." This is the beginning, in this observer's opinion, of the final breakdown and disintegration of the capitalist system as it self-destructs, throwing millions into abject poverty.
Most of the economic turmoils have been done within Euro zone for its lack of integrated approach. Member countries dancing free in the economic games, but staying together with the same central bank. Making it a mess like Greece or Ireland.
As Greece seeks to be relieved of its crushing debt load, Angela Merkel forgets her nation's history.
European Parliament President Martin Schulz criticized the demolition of the Troika cooperation with Greece. And the budgetary policy spokesman of the caucus, Barthle, sees no basis for a new utility. This was reported by F.A.S.
The Europeans keep in conflict with Russia. EU Council President Tusk calls for more self-confidence. Against the economic weakness in Europe adopt the leaders of a growth package.
Like Captain Forsythe before him, Captain Hargrave is the latest commander from the starships to speak this time on the subject of the banking system we, the oppressed, can easily relate to. - Jamie Sentana-Ries-Cortez
This article evaluates the role the World Bank plays on Globalisation. Exploring both positive and negative implications, engaging in subject specialist literature and empirical evidence(which is referenced appropriately.
Nationalism is unfair, because it tends to over praise their own assets and culture against other peopleĀ“s.
On June 1, 2013, people will demonstrate all over Europe against the draconian measures being imposed upon the people by the great lords of money.
Joseph Stiglitz warns that Europe is on a suicidal economic path
The Greek people, fed up with draconian austerity measures imposed upon them, have taken to the streets en masse.
the resurgence of the golden period seems impossible for the great mascot of European Union in foreseeable time.
Spain, reeling from debt to the central banksters, is rife with protest and deep discontent.
The international community played a key role in shaping the Sierra Leone civil war - both potentially in prolonging it and in bringing it to a close. But what right did we have to intervene in the first place?
The need for people to support their local economy, if they want it to be sustainable
In 2018 the personal and Business cheque will not be legal tender! banks and the IMF hace decread, we no longer need them or use them enough to warrant printing cheque books!
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