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A few days ago, I was reading Stuart Lichtman's "How To Get Money For Anything Fast" and Emile Coue's "Autosuggestion: My Method" and thinking to myself in a 'silly' way: "Is this all it takes, enough understanding and a habit is changed? Okay."
What happened to Wkinut and how it can be brought back
This will give the home owner information on how to put up best gutters and to protect the home from the weather issues.
This is my unbiased opinions of our president, government and the citizens of the Philippines.
Orgasm not only enhances the intimate relationship between partners, but also stimulate communication between them.
The experiences and the people I met here on Wikinut. The reason i joined and still hoping to reach my first payout.
You may feel that you are at a disadvantage when it comes to competing against other companies that have slick campaigns and huge budgets. Well, the truth is that big budgets and polish are not what get the job done. Here are five ways you can quickly improve your B2B marketing.
We are all writers and each day, we write each memories in the pages of the book our lives. Have you been busy rewriting each of them or always making each page a beautiful one?
How time really beings the change, and sometimes not for the better for the worker
Since the founding fathers signed that ever so important piece of paper in 1776, the United States of America developed as one of the greatest, most unique countries in the world, paving the way for new discoveries in science, technology, art, and beyond. But is that America still a...
One can see the great impact of the subsistence on an economy and lives of the people
A gratitude Journal is a way for a person to keep track of the good things in their life. When you write a gratitude journal it can be very uplifting, you can look back at it any time, and by showing you are grateful for good events in your life, you may attract more good events to y...
I want to share you the health issue that how can you solve your heart attack deceases without any medicine. You need just follow my advice. Please read carefully.
Sometimes there days where achieving nothing is about the only positive step that can be made, but on other days it is possible to right the world's wrongs with the stroke of a wand. Yet one of the best ways we can always help is by dedicating your life to help others, this is about o...
This essay is so important in our life because Hobby does relate our life. Because no ways we can fall in devil's work.
Advice on analyzing your topics and improving your writing skills.
planning is essential,and crucial but just planning and do not implementing it. ends up with nothing significant
The page is about importance of prioritizing the things...
Whether speaking or writing, the language we use to communicate, can say so much about us; it is an area in which we should always seek to grow. Choosing the words you use can have a dramatic affect on yourself and other people and this needs to be considered with all communications.
There are two writers that make frequent contributions to Wikinut and other sites. You will have come across them, guaranteed. Both write inordinate volumes yet they are as different as chalk and cheese. There are lessons for writers here.
Some people are in complete denial that they have problems and/or issues that need to be resolved and that some change needs to be effected in their lives and relationships to make things better.
I am not writing this to get points. I am writing this because i love writing. I really like wikinut. I think its good but It could be GREAT with this change. Please let your thoughts known in your comments so Mark will have an idea of how you all feel. thanks, shallimarRose
Takes a look at how people start at the bottom and move up in the world by improving their skills and improving themselves
We are still talking about the practical reality of the Agape Love in Marriage and in the Biblical Love Psychology series (part IV in particular) which talks about working for Love to make it grow, we learnt, there are some certain things we need to do to preserve or strengthen the So...
One should use the past to reflect on the past, use the experience to move forward to the future.
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