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Have you ever had that impulsive to buy ten hats you like even though you know you can't afford them? What about lottery tickets? Do you buy thousands of dollars of them daily and never even win a dollar? You should check to see if you are taking a medicine in the class in this articl...
Borderline Personality Disorder is very misunderstood and often confused with other mental disorders such as Bipolar Disorder. Although there are similarities, there are specific differences.
This poem addresses the sensitive issue of teenage pregnancy. It explores the feelings of both the mother and father of the unborn child. Furthermore it reflects on teens' sexual attitudes and behaviour.
Now a days many people are turning as compulsive eaters, eating more may effect the stomach and feel heavy after eating this is not a good habit
I am not necessarily referring to artistic creativity. Many people think that creativity is producing a new creation of some type.
As the title implies, this one is for loverme, a fellow Wikinut poet who has come to be a dear friend to many of us. Loverme wrote one for me, so I thought it only fair that I do her/him the same kindness :)
More snippets. More bits and pieces. An impulsive triplet-couplet, a simple yet cryptic societal comment, an emotion-explosion and a disgruntled hypothetical tale.
General confusion, punctuated with intermittent rational cognition and fervent emotions.
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