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For anyone who has been dumped, had their heart broken and been forgotten. You're better than this. If they choose to leave you behind then they aren't worth your tears. So, go on and open your heart. Don't be may just find your best friend.
my love, my sweet love... my love, an impossible love ...
This is one of my emotional writing towards LOVE. How everything I've dreamed of had been a total nightmare. What I've thought about LOVE became the total opposite of it. Why I became who I am today. We have a lot of different views when it comes to LOVE and this is what mine is. I am...
complete secrecy, nobody imagined, nobody suspected.
This poem depicts the love and it's existence from dawn to dusk - WILLIAMSJI MAVELI
This Poem depicts the real feeling of love, which is mostly imperfect or inadequate - WILLIAMSJI MAVELI
Learning to let go...a poem about letting go of the one I love because the feeling isn't the same anymore. Sometimes the best thing to do is also the hardest.
This is all about love, love that can bind two people forever. Full of hope, dreams and faith. Love is very important. It is the source of happiness.
Falling in love with married people is some things girls are doing for an extended time. Being a mistress is nothing new, however is it values it?
it is amazing how we feel when we are in love. "I think reading the poem is much better than writing about it." and why not?
This is another love poem, comparing homemade bread and love, true love. I hope you enjoy this one.
What makes us want, feel and need love? Where does it come from? Have the answers about love been answered?
There’s a fine line that separates being in love and finding true love.
Chocolate has been a part of courtship, anniversaries and lovers' tradition of gift giving for years. It even antedates the time when Valentine's Day first started sinking into the concsiousness of lovebirds. Learn why chocolate can help you improve your love life, if not get you one.
I am just an ordinary person, but my life has been far from normal. Read on to find out why, what, how, and when, it all happened. This is the first part of my life story, up until I was married.
Lacey Turner, has left Eastenders, and what a great loss to the show she will be.
If you want to stay in love with your partner, you need to learn a few secrets.
The eyes are the most miraculous parts of our body. It can speak to us in different ways. And it will show us where love is.
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