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The Lord continues to reiterate the importance of keeping the law with special emphasis on Aaron and his sons, the priests of Israel.
God instructs Moses as to how and when the priests should enter the holy place. He gives further instruction regarding moral and Sexual laws.
A chapter about puberty which includes a tale of getting busted at 12 for stealing a pair of socks.
This is chapter one of my autobiography, Eating My way to Heaven about my recovery from incest and bulimia and my transformation through a SuPRANAtural experience in the garden.
I talk about the reason for the destruction of Sodom and Gomorrah. Lot is afraid to remain in the city of Zoar and flees to the mountains where he lives in a cave with his two daughters.
In this page we'll discuss the Child Sexual Abuse Accommodation Syndrome (CSAAS)
This may seem hard to believe ...but I would never lie about something such as I am about to share ...and I do not take the credit either ..... It really happened this way ....
Why do we separate the killing of the unborn from any other killing of the innocent? What about a Women's Rights! This article will explore those issues!
The movie Anonymous is a rather dark telling of murder, incest, love, writing and of course the great bard himself, William Shakespeare. With pictures to illustrate I have written this enjoy!
In love and life, finding that special connection with someone is what most of us are striving for, unfortunately, what you have in common and where you come from can pale in comparison to who you come from.
The most shocking are some cases recently in the news here, in Kerala. Incest by fathers is something that kills the light of a girl's mind. And it's even more unbearable to hear that the two ongoing cases are teenage girls betrayed by their fathers, who sold them to several men over ...
Types of abuse and afflictions flourish in this world. The web world has become a virtual abuse-fest for cyberbullies and other cybercriminals. Abusers of every type, have found a new way to hurt innocent people. Why do I care and why do I speak out so passionately in defense of victi...
~Tossed by the tides of his lust~the boy takes his sister~no, daddy, no~she ran away~his man-body hunger is the same~he seeks and finds~gives ‘em what they want~dark rooms~bloody lies~
The crime of incest consists of either cohabitation or sexual intercourse between closely related persons, such as between parent and child or between siblings; but is all Genetic Sexual Attractions unlawful?
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