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Ideology in daily life often arises out of a need to find patterns and meaning out of the seemingly random complexities of the world. The characters and methods of detective novels can help us understand the role that ideology plays in our own lives.
Stray dogs are really dangerous sometimes as there are many scary stories of street dogs attacking human being. Some of these attacks even resulted in death while others in serious injuries. There are many such issues regarding street dogs which are happening around and still not att...
The horrible scene of a boy drowning in a beach and others shouting f or help was really horrifying scene as i was just standing at a little distance from the incident
These small, yellow, rubber toy which usually seen enduring a quick journey around the bathtub have unexpectedly revolutionized mankind of the ocean's knowledge.
There are many women drivers around who drive very badly, but still they are around..
This article is about co incidence, which is happening in our day to day life
I finally read this book, turns out it's pretty damn good.
We can prevent these menacing crimes that threaten the safety and security of our society. How? Here are some crime prevention tips to reduce crime rates on the streets.
On 28th of July, and airplane of a private company called AirBlue Airbus A321 crashed in Pakistan, killing 152 passengers on board.
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