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Incredible we all have even orchids genes animals all by now know and what more read on
To expand the knowledge not only to read and listen to the speech . It could also be the question .
Food riots are taking place in African countries where hunger people have become less able to afford food.
Life today has become more cocooned since people spend most of their time in front of TV and other devices. Communication through the media and the modern devices has become an easier and the direct communication of persons face to face has become rare. Does it make social life more p...
In the modern lifestyle, every human being is placed in the furnace of tension due to so many reasons. This leads to depression and hopelessness. The number of suicides is alarmingly increasing today. Ayurveda can provide positive solutions to reduce depression.
Infertility is on the increase among modern women. Many women are developing complaints of infertility due to various factors. Most of them are affected by the modern lifestyle changes and changes in food habits. Is there any possibility to improve this situation and help the infertil...
In the globalized world sexually transmitted infections are increasing at an alarming rate. Awareness programs and welfare schemes of governments have reduced the number of deaths by these infectious diseases. But on the whole premarital and extramarital sex are leading humanity towa...
Red is the mark of danger. The whole world is wearing red ribbons announcing the dangerous increase of the sexually transmitted infections, especially of HIV Virus. Promiscuity and free sex, boosted and encouraged by media has resulted in an alarming increase of sexually transmitted d...
Where are you in the diabetic circle? In or out? Diabetes is an alarming disease increasing all over the world. Unless it is checked it may devour the whole world soon. Medical world is seriously searching for new strategies to check this growing menace.
Global warming is a menace from past century, resulting in soaring temperature throughout the surface and atmosphere of earth. The threat to the ecology is getting accentuated with each passing moment, as the clock is ticking quite fast. Wake up friends !
Asthma has been on a remarkable increase in recent decades. Although there are many reasons for asthma, winter makes the asthma victims worse. Ayurveda, the ancient medical system of India, can ease the symptoms of asthma by Ayurvedic medicines and yoga exercises.
The constant increase in gas prices has an effect on all sectors. Consumers however should find other ways.
It may be shocking news to know that suicide attempts due to Modern man is becoming more and more dejected and depressed. He is losing his hold on life in the modern lifestyle. Leo Tolstoy, the renowned novelist, attempted suicide many times because of his depression. How to overcome ...
Teen suicides are increasing among the Indians. It is growing as a kind of disease rampant among the Indian teens especially in cosmopolitan cities. I am not sure if this problem is increasing in other countries.
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