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When one door closes, a window (or another door) will open. But while you are waiting for that perfect window or door of opportunity, you may be overlooking some unexpected wonder. I wonder if I am.
Maria was convinced that Danny was the love of her life, so she should be able to follow him to the ends of the earth. Read on to find out more
A short story of the childishness love brings out in people. Its about the things we do out of pride and lack of openmindedness that hurt the people we love the most.
A poem dealing with regret about cheating on a lover.
A tribute to Dr. Suess the ole cat in the hat! Scrat and fat.
Sometimes that thought holding back, can be one that can have a very negative outcome.
“ I’ve always liked the monster within idea, I like the Zombies being us, it’s like, Zombies are the blue collar monsters.” George A. Romero.
Human beings know what they want; they simply won't say it. Whether that undisclosed reason be hidden in the unconscious realms, unable to be accessed, or immediately present in the consciousness, but denied expression, remains a dubious unprocessed project of continual restlessness a...
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