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OROP has not been sanctioned as per the definition approved by parliament and this has led to a veteran comiting suicide by drinking poison.
relations between india and pakistan since 1947 the wars fought between the countries and how india responded and won
Indian military law traces its origin to the days of rule by the East Indian Company. The Company passed the Articles of War which led to the Indian army act 1911. The Indian army act 1950 is a reprint of the act of 1911 with minor modifications.
The Gurkha's have been part of the British Indian army for nearly 200 years and have served with distinction. They still serve in the British army as well as the Indian army and are considered the best of soldiers
Patriotism is a feeling that should be present in every native of every country but talking about India, Patriotism lacks vastly here and should not be so.But what are the reasons that led to such circumstances in our country.
The Indian army contribution to the Allied victory is generally overlooked, but the Indian army played a significant role in the defeat of the Central powers. They also played teh major role in the push to victory in the Middle East and break up of Ottoman Empire
The Sikhs have been part of the British Indian army and the Indian army for nearly 160 years. During this period they have cornered 75% of all gallantry awards
The sentence of cashiering has its origin from British military law and is incorporated in the Indian army act 1950. It means the ceremonial and humiliating removal from service of an officer. The officer is marched to the parade ground and the cashiering is done in front of assembled...
The British maintained caste and class based regiments. Thus the Indian army had Sikh regiments, Rajput regiments etc. This militated against the Principles of War, but in actual battle conditions these caste based regiments were very successful. During the Second World War the Britis...
Liquor quota at subsidized rates is a unique perk in the Indian armed forces. This is accepted by the nation as an essential requirement and a perk of being a soldier.
(This is written and dedicated to all the police officers in the event of All-India Golden Jubilee Celebrations of the city police commissionerate, Bangalore)
Bhutto was a brilliant politician, but his ambition to lead Pakistan saw him break the country for his personal agenda. History cannot absolve Bhutto of this fact.
The army school of counter insurgency is a unique school and armies of friendly nations train here.Located in Mizoram state it simulates actual battle conditions.
The Pakistan army is a warped image of teh Indian army, but it is the only army in the world that has lost more than half the nation. It is in that respect a complete let down for Pakistan.
The Deccan Horse was a cavalry regiment of the Indian army and was used for the last time at High Gate in 1915 during World War I with disastrous results
The Corps of Military Police Centre and school was earlier located at Faizabad, a cantonment from the days of the Raj. It was a wonderful place and the courses there were a respite from the rigors of flying supersonic.
Subhas Bose organized the Indian legion which fought for Hitler in World war II. Its strange but true
Old soldiers deserve all the respect that society can give them
The 1965 war ended in a stalemate, but the Indian army could have very well lost the entire Punjab
The concept of an orderly in the Indian army is inherited from the old British Indian army,but is now outdated
The battle of Bogra is important as the Pakistan Army for once in the eastern theater of the Bangladesh war put up a creditable fight against the Indian Army.
its about Armed Forces (Special Powers) Act (AFSPA)
john Masters autobiographical novel is a gem about Indians and worth reading for a man or woman who wishes to know about the Raj
The Indian army is a caste based army. The Chamar regiment was a backward caste regiment and disbanded in 1946
The Indian General staff led by the army chief had no comprehension of global strategy and India paid dearly for this lack of vision
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