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Polly Umrigar was a PARSI cricketer. He was a towering player in an age when India was the underdog of world cricket
It is a humorous story on the recently concluded Cricket World Cup 2015 in Australia & New Zealand.
Life is always full of uncertainties. We make some plans and things turn out totally different. A take on what is happening around me, on local and national politics and the Cricket World Cup 2015
Is the West Indies cricket team's abandonment of the India tour the beginning of their long-predicted end or just the herald of a new beginning for them?
In the 1966 test at Calcutta against the West Indies, a young lad wearing a Patka made his debut. He brought cheer to the veterans watching the match. He was BS Bedi who later made a big name in world cricket,
Every update about your favorite sport celebrity find out what they do on ground and off ground
The Lords test in 1932 is the harbinger of the present ascendancy of India in world cricket
Abbas Ali Baig was a gifted player, but he was an Indian Muslim and his failure against Pakistan led to his demise in Indian test cricket
The latest development in the cricketing world covering the Board of Control for Cricket in India (BCCI) and its flagship brand, the Indian Premier League (IPL) is, to say the least, very disturbing and disheartening. After all, Cricket is more of a religion to the millions of people ...
Indian has invariably done badly in England and there is need to blood the team so that it does not lose all the time
The Pataudi's have contributed greatly to Indian cricket and the MCC and the BCCI have honored the Pataudi family contribution to cricket with the Pataudi trophy.
This is an article that I have written about the Legend 'The Wall' Rahul Dravid. A true cricketer , a true professional that all Indians would be proud of him being a part of the Indian team for almost 15 years.
Vishwanath put the west Indies bowling to the sword and Indiia won.
The Nawab of Pataudi, the Indian Captain hit 203 Not out and silenced all his critics who felt he could not bat with one eye.
India had never won a test match in England, but on that fateful day 24 August 1971, Chandra with a magical spell of 6/38 bowled India to an incredible win.
The Indian team must justify that it is the best team in the world by winning abroad.This is not happenning.
This article is dedicated to famous Indian sportsmen in the year 2010.
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