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Self-published authors are growing in numbers. Hidden Reads finally gives polished works a chance to shine with free advertising.
I was sitting at the park sitting at the picnic table looking into the trees. I was thinking about how people ask for advice about relationships and these are the words that filled my head. I hope you find something that you can relate to.
What follows here is a review of the Short Fiction Dystopian piece, Blue Tent, written by Carla Herrera, an indie author from Siloam Springs, Arkansas. Blue Tent is available on Smashwords via
Short and sweet summaries of the best, tried and tested authors' software available - for free - to help you write that novel, short story or screenplay. Updated 2013.
Writers get stuck, and there's some well-worn advice out there to help. But should you take it as gospel, or could it even be bad for your novel?
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