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You are an important and indispensable part of the day. There's no room for the George Bailey syndrome.
"Uber has been in a campaign but hasn’t been running one" realised Travis Kalanick, co-founder and Chief Executive Officer of the firm Uber.(1) "That is changing now"(2) he added before welcoming a new Chief Executive, the Senior Vice President for Policy & Strategy, David Plouffe.(...
When a newly married wife gets pregnant in the family. Pregnancy brings the joy of the couple.. Pregnancy following 40(forty weeks) leads to delivery of new born baby. Utmost care are taken to maintain the health of the pregnant so that no harm is caused to the ...
Ideas can sell everything. As per research the success rate of an innovative idea is quite high. Every five seconds idea is being sold quite lucratively. But the most important thing is that how it could be innovative.
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