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It takes 2 to make any relationship work and starting a relationship is hard and takes work. They say 2 things are of benefits to a healthy relationship: 1) sharing your interest and 2) learning new things.
The above illustrates the fact that though general knowledge is helpful to us in our daily lives, it does not provide us answers to certain important questions
France and Germany employed public funding to encourage innovation in their respective jurisdiction. Their example reveals two different methods of inciting private financing. It is a starter to understand the choice faced by any sovereign State wanting to stimulate entrepreneurial in...
We are all actors though most are not born to act! We play our roles and the majority takes care not to upset the apple cart of life based on give and take. Despite their noble intentions, some manage to spoil the lot through activities that leave us in misery. It is time to stick to ...
This article discusses the idea of individualism being related to selfishness in the context of the truth as held by the writer that only oneness can love both perfectly and fully. Oneness contains flow, but this flow only exists to the parts, just as long as they allow it to keep fu...
There are indications that people can use instead choose to rent a car when a lot of good deals. They will know all kinds of vehicles available for their needs and desires.
To double income takes planning from the top and evaluation from the bottom
The British Government, i.e, the cabinet of minsters and the departments under them, is a highly centralised form of Government.
Sometime people have what if's that never have an ending because their life or the other person involved life took a different course. However, depending how the relationship was depends on the resentment that was created.
Everybody loves getting a refund from the IRS. The biggest question will be how will you spend it?
Thomas Georgeson an artist from Buckinghamshire, England hide a cheque of 8000 pounds or 12,600 dollars to attract people to his Milton Keynes Gallery
This article gives the importance of Individual Efforts
Structuralism as a theory analyses society from a structural viewpoint. In all societies the structures are all the same- that of binary opposition and nature-culture dichotomy, and the contents are culture specific. In fact, human society tends to replicate the larger structure of th...
Let us have the wisdom to learn from our mistakes and carry on with a common mission and goal for peace and progress. Repeating our follies will set the clock back to such an extent we will not be able to pick up the pieces again. We have no two ways about it increasingly.
Mutual suspicion, selfishness, ego and deception stand in our way and put paid to all our achievements in science and technology. We need to make real progress in the way we embrace humanity as one for a meaningful journey ahead.
A short description on the word, "Ubuntu", explaining the meaning of it.
It is unfortunate to have to spend endless hours with a selfish person especially if you are not in a position to just walk away...... so how do you remain happy and sane in this situation?
Unless every individual understands the importance of balance in nature, the chance of revolutionary change is very bleak. According to me, its high time females got rid of this mental, physical and social slavery.
Censoring internet is one way to block content by government so that people can’t reach it. Content which is available online is watched by official and any content against government or improper content is censored. In one word if you try to open social networking site like Facebo...
Why are we never satisfied with the kind of love we receive from others? Why is it that our hearts are always hungry for affection? Who could possibly fulfill our inner most being?
The essential message of Buddhism lays strong emphasis and also the ground work for social cohesion and peaceful coexistence - two essential requirements for world peace. The essential message of Buddhism lays strong emphasis and also the ground work for social cohesion and peaceful ...
“Language… has created the word ‘loneliness’ to express the pain of being alone. And it has created the word ‘solitude’ to express the glory of being alone.” - Paul Johannes Tillich
An internal dilemma of losing ones' identity and individuality.
Decision making can easily be done if an individual is trained in deciding simple task together with focus and commitment. In reverse, it could be difficult if an individual don’t have the skills needed in decision making.
The voiced secrets of life is what we all need in order to enjoy an integrated and purposeful society, one that can make a stand to the ruins of history.
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