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how to make batik indonesian , indonesian batik is very famous
Ericsson recently launched a survey ConsumerLab about the level of indulgence watching or viewer of streaming TV/movie and videos through Smarthpohone, then the results achieved from this survey is quite astonishing.
Sulamadaha village is located in the North coast of Ternate Island in the Province of North Maluku Indonesia,
Ternate Sultan Mosque is a mosque located in the area of Sultan Khairun Street, Village of Soa Sio, District of North Ternate, Ternate, and Province of North Maluku. This mosque is a proof of the existence of the first Islamic Sultanate in Eastern Archipelago (Nusantara).
Indonesia is a destination where just being there and observing life is special. Learn some strange things to look for and enjoy in this country.
Anonymous Australia declare war with Anonymous Indonesia. They challenged the attitude behind Indonesia's Anonymous attacked websites of hundreds of Australia some time ago.
Maritime glory is based on the ability to build ships, mastering astronomy and astrology, shipping management. Unfortunately not found the blueprint design technology shipbuilding, navigation and management of a "knowledge endowment" to be continued on an ongoing basis
As a citizen of Indonesia, did you know about the physical condition of Indonesia? If you do not know, let us together to further identify the physical condition of our beloved country. It describes the state of Indonesia in truth, covering state borders, where the Indonesian astronom...
Besides having great natural wealth, Indonesia is a country rich in culture and art. Diverse cultures and different art in each area to be unique to the country of Indonesia. Ranging from clothing and dance to traditional customs of each province in Indonesia have different and indivi...
Two teenaged girls from Indonesia, both are secondary school students and they have scored first for their Cow Dung Air freshener among 1000 contestants in Science project Olympiad.
Complete Biography Nikita Willy A very cute Indonesian artist once the nikita willy.
story of balinesee in indonesia, BARONG DANCE - BALI IS ONE OF THE FAMOUS DANCE IN BALI
Easy way to make Indonesian Croquette with Cassava Skin and The Secret Ingredients of Hot Chili Sauce Mixture.
Finally, Purbararang gave up. She accepted Purbasari as the queen, and also confessed everything she had done.
Jaka Tarub promised to take good care of their daughter. He once again asked for forgiveness for all of his mistakes. “I’ve forgiven you, so you don’t have to feel guilty. I must go now. Take care,” said Nawang Wulan as she flew to the bright full moon.visit indonesian bro ^_^...
Malin Kundang’s huge ship was wrecked. He was thrown by the wave out of his ship, and fell on a small island. Suddenly, his whole body turned into stone. He was punished for not admitting his own mother.***
Lemang and Pelompek oranges, or the drinks, such as Kerinci coffee and Aro tea
Get The Passion of Learning Other Language ! ~^ ^~
Jakarta as a metropolitan city and the capital city of Indonesia has a lot of debate on the surrounding community. Jakarta seen as a city with a luxurious life as home to the artist, and influential businessmen. In fact, many foreign investors who stop in Jakarta to invest their capit...
Indonesia is known to have a culturally diverse, ranging from traditional house, dance, language, to specialties, which certainly unique and different. Due to the uniqueness of Indonesian food, it's no wonder local and foreign tourists are going to be addicted to taste it, not lose hi...
A mysterious man riding a motorcycle, suddenly distribute money USD 15,000, to every street children, which hung on Jalan Basuki Rahmat, Samarinda, East Kalimantan, on Thursday (09/09/2010) afternoon.
Indonesia is unique country. Its culture, tradition and languages. to make your trip easy, explore some tips here.
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