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Ranked the fourth most terrifying destination in America by the Travel Channel, the Whispers Estate never has a dull moment. Dark shadows, whispers coming from the walls, moving objects, foul odors, and active entities keep the guests entertained around the clock.
After receiving immense encouragement from my last poetry collection about Africa, I decided to compile another set of poems on moods. Normally, when emotions or moods are linked with poetry, all our minds and thoughts run to love, romance, sweet hot passion etc. So, I will try to go ...
After battling cancer can Nergal and Behemoth manage to pull another super album out of the bag?
A creative little poem with a reference to another poem I wrote. Comments are open.
A random poem that I've been thinking about lately. Comments are open.
Somewhat brief review of one section of Dante Alighieri's Divine Comedy series; "Inferno".
Dante's Inferno is called a comedy. Now it might not seen funny to us. But when Dante wrote his inferno the word 'comedy' meant a happy ending. The Inferno is an allegory to Dante's journet through the different levels of Hell
An examination of the word 'pride'; it's meanings and implications
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