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All gold mines start in the mind and spirit. Those are not my words. Those are the universal thinking process of the genuinely successful who get it. My birthday is near this writing and my birthday is right before tax day (my birthday is April 13th, 2017). These are reflections on th...
For every tragedy, there are hundreds of joyous moments. For every setbacks, there are so many ways to hopefully move ahead. As my Momma used to say, where there’s a will, there’s a way. As long as there’s life, there’s hope.
Living with the threat of being mentally abused is challenging, and it makes life very difficult, the inner person feels demeaning. especially if violence is involved, our emotions get all screwed up, and a person will lose the will to fight through.
Are our dreams related in any way to our outer self? Is meditation actually a type of waking dream? How does meditation relate to a dream? These questions are answered here from a recent dream experience of mine, in which I first detail the dream for you, and then I give a brief dr...
When we seem dead and buried within life's muddy waters, it is then that we must throw ourselves a life-raft. By getting closer to who we really are, by being our real selves, we can see through these muddy waters to the distant star that we are. To really be our real selves, we need...
This is a poem that shows you that anger brings loss to life, when that loss is really just another life experience within love. You only lose when you move away from love. Anger is often then created because of this loss of love. Are there any good things that can be said about ang...
This is the story of Tony. As a result of certain factors in his life, he had developed a link to his higher self. He could hear his higher self talking to him, and he would record the words that he heard into his journals. A few years ago, Tony had been bashed by some thugs, and th...
People are very quick to make judgements,the outer appearance of someone can be very misleading..........inner qualities matter.
The outer reflects the inner. This is true in all manor of areas. One such area is within palm reading. The outer body matches what the inner body requires of it.
Getting in to know your creative self by taking an inward journey.
Connecting to your inner child can be one of the most important personal growth steps you can take. Here are tips to connect with and nurture your inner child.
This came to me after taking some LSD and getting really introspective with myself.
Here lies three poems that makes the reader go and look into themselves
You can lie to everybody else but yourself. When the day is done and you are by yourself then the true person immerges, the inner man without pretense or a mask. So how can you truly know an individual and what molds a person to be who they are?
It is one’s innerself which tries to find out the whereabout of happiness.
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