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A child's footprints captured in cement had me wondering about childhood and the loss of innocence.
A man watches the sunrise and the affect the sun and the sky has on the land around him. He understands how small he is in the scheme of things as he looks around the beauty of a landscape. For a moment he sees this wonder with the innocence of child before experience and education to...
A Poem Dedicated to a crystal flower opened to soon, to a woman who has felt how hard the bee can sting the bird. And any of Gods gems who can relate
This article contains my thoughts, feelings about the subjects of poverty and homelessness, two very important issues that concern almost every country in our world. as well as affecting millions upon millions of people, men, women and innocent children.
During National Missing Children's Day, 2013, many recall of the changes that have occurred during the past thirty years after a missing child from thirty years ago received national attention. Thirty years ago when a child disappeared, was kidnapped or abducted, many regulations wer...
Gun has become a funny game today. Millions of children have written letters to Santa to bring them guns as gifts. Today, the whole world is shocked at the killing of twenty children and six adults in a shooting attack at a primary school in the US. Gun shooting killings are reported ...
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