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In addition to bribes and recruitment scams,fake cases against innocent people are widely used to destroy competition and a form of corruption where the officials are less likely to be penalized
There are different organizations such as the Innocent Project and John Howard Society which help prisoners return home through education and other kinds of support.
How tax payer money is wasted in India to defame innocent engineer , webmaster and domain investor
this page talks about the way children go through hard times when situations force them to move home to the streets. it is not a happy experience.
Two French nationals try to burn a harmless quokka with lighter and aerosol and they film the whole incident on a video.
Terrorism has increased all over the world and it is very much disturbing to see people get killed daily and most of those who gets killed are innocents. It is high time now to get these terrorists into main stream of life by educating them as this would help the world to live safely ...
This article is about a rebel group who killed a innocent man
The tongue so small yet so great, a tongue inspired can lead an army to victory, a foolish tongue can lead a nation to ruin,. An unbridled tongue is like a crazy animal bent on destruction.
A Poem Dedicated to a crystal flower opened to soon, to a woman who has felt how hard the bee can sting the bird. And any of Gods gems who can relate
Built in 1834, the prison was designed with the idea that inmates would eventually repent after deciding to leave a life of sin far behind them. Today the building is owned by The Mansfield Reformatory Preservation Society who preserves the historical site through ghost tours that pro...
I was on a small creative tear when this one came to mind. Being of how I seen girls, and how my society views them in regards to being "innocent". Comments are open.
We live in a time where some of the prophecies in the Bible are being fulfilled and revealed. Just one of them is that today some are calling evil; good and good; evil. The people are worshiping the creation instead of the Creator. I don't know, but maybe, this has been happening sinc...
This poem depicts the painful heart of an innocent poetess - WILLIAMSJI MAVELI
I try to explain and analyse the Syrian situation to give a clear opinion who are not aware of the Syrian situation.
Another vampire story? Some will jump with glee and others will run and hide, but Thadacus and Rhymee add a mythological element to traditional vampiric lore.
A piece I wrote about my precious little one and how I pray some the influences I cannot affect around her spare the natural, beautiful innocence and imagination children are born with.
You know how embarrassing it can be when you oversleep and miss a deadline, and the good natured teasing you may get due to it? I'm sure we have all been there one time or another..This happened to a dear friend of mine and this was my humorous Shakespearean poetic scribe to his poor ...
The hopes and aspirations of innocent majority remain stymied as politicians play endless politics to suit their agenda. This has happened all through our history. Even the advent of democratic process and the freedom that we enjoy are unable to make a dent on this seemingly insurmoun...
This is another rhyme of mine. It portrays a girl who really liked a guy and has been obsessed about him, just for him to disappoint her on their first meeting and even trying to forcefully have sex with her. This poem is all about her disappointment in him..
Focuses on how one's conscience either prevents us from comitting immoral acts or eats us alive when we do commit any kind of wrong. It explores the idea that it is because we can feel a sense of guilt when we do wrong we are indeed innocent not of wrong doing but of evil.
This is a poem for all the innocent people who were in jails and prisons. Listen to their public outcry!
The painting portrays a world full of strife and negativity. You can see an innocent child, standing alone, in the middle of it all.
A look at how the nude effects us and why it is so acceptable in one form and not in another.
This is a dark poem about a vulnerable young woman experiencing an attack by someone she knows on with care, my friend.......
Why are parents abusing their own children? Shouldn't they love their children with all their heart?
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