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What is innovation? What is truly innovation? Do you really have innovation?
While banks like to say how innovative they are, very few actually innovate in a way that is helpful to their customers. When will banks get the memo about how important innovation is to their survival?
Transcendental rhythmic poetry to expand your consciousness and inspire perceptual freedom. My hopes is for my works to invoke in any soul who engages their awareness with the words I write to experience their own pure presence, fully exist boundlessly NOW, if only for the moment.
The value of creativity is important in everyday endeavor of our lives. Because of human creativity, Technological and scientific advancement of the society has significantly evolved. The world has been a better place today because of the pioneering minds of creative people that came ...
innovativeness is what makes companies progress and helps in progress of society..
Energy is one the primary needs but crisis risk demands innovation especially in the utilization part.
Sometimes it is important o go outside the house for finding the solution for problems present in the house. An approach explained for electricity conservation.
Ideas can sell everything. As per research the success rate of an innovative idea is quite high. Every five seconds idea is being sold quite lucratively. But the most important thing is that how it could be innovative.
Advertisement is the strongest media over the world. Creative advertisement always attract viewers because it holds an innovative sense, express eloquently and most of all it terrifically entertain viewers. Viewers always connect the world through advertisement.
Every business gets success because of its competitive edge and to get competitive edge every business has to be innovative.
Celebrating a three year old birthday with great party ideas
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