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Today, we are going to drop Petros and Elmarie and Elmarie's two children off at the airport so they can fly back to their dwellings in the Cape. Will we survive the time with Petros?
Well, now that Petros is no longer on this vacation with us, I should finally have rest for my soul and enjoy this vacation, right? Wrong. Seems no matter what I do or where I go, there's always someone to put me through a wringer. Now it's Elmarie's children, Stingley Junior and T...
The extreme violent nature of the Poltergeist movie along with the heightened story-line and the unexplained paranormal activity that engulfed the characters and film crew's lives during the time of filming gave way to truth being stranger than fiction. Supernatural phenomena began to...
It's not beeing a lot of time since the last time i came to france. But driving here, is insane!
I'm up, then down, then up, then down. Is there a happy medium for the bipolar folks out there, such as myself? Lately, I am beginning to think not.
The line between brilliance and insanity may be thin, the simple truth is that the world faces problems of the gravest degree and change is necessary, yet there whatever movements that exist that favour change it is clear that there is a devoid of leadership which mus be addressed in ...
All I want to do is die You ask me why Because you hurt me so And I just cannot let go
Where can this happiness be It seems to be avoiding me. In the prison of my mind The happiness I cannot find
Psychiatric help from an old friend to help appease my wife, and a neighbor with poor vision
A Poem that I thought about using as a title for a collected works of poetry in the future. So this Poem is the aftermath of what I thought of. Comments are open.
In here, all of my dark thoughs of myself, others and the world is gathered. It may contain some hope, but dont be sighting with relief yet; many of them contains hidden words and meaning. Unless youre a bit like me, you wont understand. Some writings is something i have experienced, ...
A short poem about a squeaking gate that drove me crackers over a week and how I resolved the matter. We all have things sometimes that get on your nerves, can be the smallest of things occasionally.
This a poem I wrote sometime ago about the strange things that would sometimes happen to my senses of time and size. It is only recently that I found out that it was actually known as Alice in Wonderland Syndrome.
To watch, to behold, the agony of our nation as she is being killed – liberty thrown away!
This short story is about Tom Shawn funeral director,and his sickening tastes. It no longer go on the mistakes that Tom Shawn called them.The real truth is now known about funeral director Tom Shawn.
A poem about having a dream, how it keeps you going through life and why everyone should have one.
What are we doing? Why do we run around doing things which hurt ourselves and then pat ourselves on the back for doing a good thing? Deceived?
This is a short poem about a love that patiently awaits
This poem is of someone self loathing their weakness for being heart broken.
Eastern State Hospital, located in Williamsburg, Virginia, was the first institution constructed in the United States for the care and treatment of the mentally ill. Though it has undergone extreme changes through the centuries, it remains in operation today.
Do you talk to yourself? I talked to myself a lot when I was young. The fact is, I am talking to myself even more nowadays.
A girls struggles to remember who she is and falls into insanity
Excuse me while I have a little rant at Western society, human nature and the world in general.
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