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Discussion about types of security and and the related insecurity with it.
Compassion is free, so is love - we don't all need the shiny big everything to be a success in this world!
I have talked to women throughout the years who felt that having a jealous boyfriend was cute. They defended this behavior by saying that it showed their boyfriend really loved them. If the boyfriend was not jealous then according to them that would mean that he did not care.
this page gives a presentation on some of the things that can be done to address the problem of food insecurity that is seen in many African countries
Africa has a problem of food insecurity, this page talks about how we can deal with the problem of food insecurity in africa
this page talks about what can be done to address the issues of food insecurity in Africa, we need to have enough food in every home
this page gives more reasons as to why Africa suffers food insecurity
this page talks about more reasons why there is food insecurity in Africa.
this page presents more factors that lead to food insecurity in Africa
this page talks about the causes of food insecurity in the continent if Africa
Something is always telling me, don't don't don't ever let the butterfly loose, don't ever let the butterfly loose, don't ever ...
Dressing up to play a part. Those who think that fancy clothes make a person.
Artificial beauty procedures. The dangers and consequences of the black market booty enhancements.
Lies, Deception, Corruption, And Destruction Through The Jealous And Envious.
This is just a simple poem regarding the ignorance people have towards women and their daily struggles to push for perfection,
Jealousy is a very strong emotion, which usually stems from feelings of insecurity . It can wreck lives and relationships if it's not kept under control. Read on to find out more.
Topic about the common sickness of society: Insecurity. FAQs about insecurities, how to handle them, might sound odd but It can also be helpful in positive way.
Each age is an age of change, and most people are willing to change with the times, giving up old and taking what is new. There are, however, a few who cannot or who will not change.
This poem is about condition of any country we know - nameless... you guess, I fear to tell.
This article reveals the dynatics of insecurity that has bedeveled Nigeria recently. These challenge has seriously threatened National security of the country and has crippled her Economy, thereby brewing underdevelopment. These impacts leed to an increase in the cost of crude oil in ...
Sometime it takes something small to open ones eyes to the bigger picture. This article is about how opinions change when the focus goes from outward to inward.
In these days of Viagra, silicone implants and enlargement or reduction of organs in a human body, the market forces are introducing several fascinating but controversial products.
Yes sometimes there is that feeling like being at a cross-road, but remain focused that is a motivator
What the term 'light torture' means and its utilisation in every day situtations.
The only way to peaceful coexistence is through inclusiveness. Competition should not lead to divisions denying others what is rightfully due. We have to break down artificially created physical and mental borders to feel as one on a shared eternal journey. Bliss is being comfortable ...
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