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A thought how we move on in life, experiences and that one should never stop exploring.
Who has inspired you today? And who have YOU inspired? Through BEcoming our greatest versions, we inspire others to be THEIR greatest versions. This is how one person can change the world!
Writing is all about inspiration and, as you probably know, the latter one can be a fleeting thing. Still, over the years, many successful novelists have managed to grab a Muse by its tail — mostly by developing a set of habits that would inspire them to write. You can do, too!
Some of my more recent writings. I hope you enjoy them
Several of my latest inspirational writings, I have been away from here for a while.
Loving in itself isn’t hard. Love is perfect. Who can run away from a cold glass of water or a cold beer on a hot scorching day? Let’s make that the experiment of the day see how well you do.
if you want to looking that how can change our life, we suggest you you can use Inspirational Life Quotes and motivational quotes that will surely change your whole life and give you a positive a way to live your life.
It is time for both a little introspection and extrospection to think both about what is going on in the world and in my own mind at the same time then mix it all together with a grind of pepper. It is something required of writers every once in a while, not an attempt to become psych...
relations between india and pakistan since 1947 the wars fought between the countries and how india responded and won
I sit thinking. Let's write a poem. Show what I can do. Excite the reader....
Want to make more of your life? Here is my personal view for a brighter future.
On this very special day, the republic day of India, this is my humble tribute to my motherland.
I've been away from the platform, and I may not stay, but I wanted to share a couple of my writings from during my absence.
If you want to succeed, you know that you must keep walking
Sometimes new surroundings can give you new perspectives, new ideas, as well as renewed inspiration. Of course everything also feels better if your feet feels good, so it's a pity my skatershoes that I came with are hurting my feet.
I feel like bitching so just know the rest of my thoughts on the matter may be in a nagging tone. The thing is, I honestly think Hollywood should take a break. And by Hollywood, I mean all filmmaking businesses and production houses who cram out (crap out) films that are only unins...
You were given this life because you have enough strenght to life it. Inspirations came from anywhere as well as distractions. It's up to you if you want to succeed or be distracted.
This was written as an acknowledgement to my past and as a transition into my future it is the culmination of the transition of being a solider to now embracing the new journey before me as I begin to pick my way threw life as a civilian to continue to care for my wife and those that ...
More of my musings, coupled with beautiful images ☺
More of my writings and inspirational attempts at poetry ☺
This page is about the life story of the great leader in India. It describes the journey of former president of India. This page also motivates youth by the inspirational words of the great Dr APJ Kalam Sir.
I would find out where the child learned stealing from, and where we parents have failed in inspiring the child to be of high moral conduct? In fact, the parents inspiration should be so strong that the child does not pick up any bad characteristic from any source.
The story is a tribute to a wonderful teacher who was not only a good teacher but was also a very good human being. His love for his students, his generosity and courage to speak truth and above all his way of cultivating those values in his students are unforgettable. May his so...
Each of us came into existence on this earth through his/her parents and usually grows to be full-fledged person under their care, guidance and inspiration and most importantly through their sacrifices of their own pleasures for the sake of our comforts and growth.
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