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Well, we all make them. We all make assumptions on a daily basis just to get through the day. But, assumptions can be limiting when we forget we make them.
My brother Harrison has been doing his best to make sure he breaks Mother down emotionally until there's nothing left. He has sent her a letter to make her know that she's a terrible grandmother and a most useless Mother. The asshole doesn't know that Mother was the best Mother a ...
There are actually idiots who think it is within their authority to ban a mother from having a mother's love instinct towards her children, and what's worse, they'll impose sanctions against the mother in question if she doesn't abandon any and all feelings of taking care of her child...
This is another of my psychic stories, this story showed me that I could read auras though I never really saw them.
Gut feeling, instinct, intuition, inner knowing, inner guidance. We should learn to hear the soft inner voice of our own soul as it tries to guide us whilst we are on our life journeys. These poems are about how to do just that!
This is a personal recount of how I am not very observant, although there takes both observant and intuitive people like me to make a world.
When a raging fire left no route of escape, a dog came up with a masterfully creative way to save her litter.
There are many kind of sports played all over the world and in each country, crowd does support and go crazy on following their favorite sports and also their sporting stars. There is no fun in playing a simple game without having the killer punch in sports person.This killer punch is...
This is all about being contented, being thankful for everything we get, for everything we didn't get.
A young kid is abandoned and found across the railway tracks.He is God sent lucky!
Only the human being is in a supreme position to elevate himself to higher planes of existence by superior thinking. Thus only a human being can aspire to gain the same wisdom. On the contrary, an animal cannot acquire wisdom (not knowledge) because food and self-preservation are its ...
To trust someone means that you put a lot of faith in them...and by giving that faith, you hope that they will never let you down. Some do, a sad fact of Life, Friends or Lovers...but if you build on solid ground, and your love and respect is strong...You have laid the best foundation...
Is God on the side of right Or is he on the side of might We give our God the will of man That we might rise to understand
I got bored in a motel room a while ago and scrawled down a brief philosophical/ecological rant. Here 'tis.
A cry of help to a super hero to come and save this world of ours, infested with crime, abuse and violence!
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