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While lobbyists are pushing for controlling the decisive positions in the public sphere(1), they can count on the technocracy at the helm.
Well for a while now I've been trying to find the time to clean the piano in Lordly House, that the rats have gotten into and not only played, but all but destroyed. So, it being Saturday, I decided I'm going to act like a normal person for whom the weekend means time away from work...
Practicing instrument is greatly beneficial, even if your kids don’t turn out to be a top-notch musician.
After a hard day's work, do yourself a little favour and listen to some smooth jazz.
Cooperation is seen as a major instrument for the survival of man in the environment, it is the partnership and support that is received by man from other organisms, physical, biological and the chemical combination of the environment to sustained him in the process of life. ...
Extracts from a late 19th century American encyclopedia. It gives instruction on how to sing, which was serious in its time, but is now humorous for a modern reader.
Whenever you sing, whistle, or hum a tune you are playing by ear - because you heard the tune first. With practice it is possible to transfer the tune to a musical instrument.
We should all feel free to express our emotions. Each and every one of us express our emotions differently. Music is something that we can all enjoy. Whether it’s listening to music or playing music, express your ideas and feelings. There are many opportunities to play an instrument...
This is yet a matter of inquisitiveness to many if music can improve one's intellectual capacity at all!
scientists are invented new type of instrument for the use of diabetic patients,they have to inject insulin daily in their body, it causes some pain this instrument will not give pain to the body
To lend or not to lend? Well if you do at least make sure that your contract will hold up in a court of law.
Guitar is one of the famous and most played musical instrument. In every decade and different genres many great guitarists emerged with various styles and techniques. Here are some great guitarists of all time.
Winter season can be boring at times. Here are some ideas for the indoor activities during winter.
Here is my tips on using paradiddles as part of a practice regimen.
Most contemporary religious groups are cultic inclined and a great deal of manipulation is involved.
A beginners guide to picking up and playng a saxophone for the frst time
Here I offer all of you out there a free and easy guide to help you learn how to play the guitar. Learning how to play an instrument can feel like a hopeless task especially when you have a busy schedule and are forced to learn about how the notes look on paper or how time signatures ...
Do you play a brass instrument and want to become better at it? Here are some tips for you!
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