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Why music (or reading aloud) can make a seriously ill person smile and to forget about its depressing present.
Kids often change playing instruments as if it were the flavor of the month That can be a costly investment for a parent.
Again a metaphor on life for as there are so many instruments in an orchestra so there are so many different ways of I have written it really matters not at all for there is no reality anywhere here...enjoy
Here are some various musical instruments information for students and music enthusiasts. Learning one of these instruments is a truly fun skill which can be shared to others.
Tips to ponder and to consider about improving yourself.
It's not over until the people of all shapes and sizes play!
Kandyan dancing and drumming is what Sri Lanka is best known for all over the world. This art form originates as part of a night-long ceremony and the art flourished under the Kings as a sign of prestige and entertainment. All genres of dance are accompanied by drumming which can reac...
Now a days experts are find that music therapy also will give good result on cancer patients,so playing instruments or working with music therapist is good for cancer patients
This song was written because of a beautiful little girl of 5 years who has the ability to light up your heart with her smile, and you just breathe in the rainbow! I am always looking for someone to put it to music, if you are interested please let me know. Thanks for reading, hope yo...
Here is my tips on using paradiddles as part of a practice regimen.
The exotic sounds of gongs enchant many tourists who travel to the Philippines. These metal instruments, usually made of brass, are used by Filipinos as means of entertainment or as an important part of worship, ceremonies and various religious rituals practiced even centuries ago. ...
Do you play a brass instrument and want to become better at it? Here are some tips for you!
It's not as easy as it sounds. You should know some basic tips to make your guitar sound better.
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