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New research is pointing to sleep being a major contributor for obesity. It appears that not sleeping enough can make you fat.
Researchers are making breakthroughs in the quest to get the pancreas to produce insulin as it should. Type 2 diabetics have a problem when their pancreas cannot produce insulin on its own.
This article is one of the medical conditions that I have that led up to the decision to have bariatric surgery on July 24, 2015. This article was written on July 25, 2013, two years before my weight loss surgery.
This is my personal journey from bad health to good health. I let myself go for so long that I knew if I was to live I had to do something about it.
The fantastic and outlandish joys of a fare who needs his "medicine."
This idea of boring holes into the skull as a function of the treatment for mental health issues is a major series with many more articles to come. From that crude tradition came the beginning of neurosurgery, another crude procedure of the day.. The 1800's also brought about shock t...
Over a century ago Canada was responsible for the discovery of insulin; something that was to revolutionize the treatment of type 1 diabetes. It looks like we may well be on our way to revolutionize the treatment of type 1 diabetes yet again.
For thousands of years, various cultures have used natural substances to lower blood glucose. A study published in the Journal of Agriculture and Food Chemistry described testing 49 of these. Only 10 were shown to be effective in this particular study design.
Diabetes type 2 is difficult to control. Now scientists have found a method of controlling the enzyme that destroys insulin.
Diabetes is a health condition that occurs when the glucose in the blood stream is not able to enter into the cells to be used as energy. When this happens blood sugar level rapidly increases. There are two types of diabetes that can affect the body system - Type 1 Diabetes and Type 2...
Stress can affect your body system in many ways. Stress plays an important role in increasing the body fat. When body fat increases the weight of the body automatically increases. Image Credit - freedigitalphotos
In these articles I hope to give some tips and some insights into brittle diabetes why is it different than what to do to control it
This is one of the endocrine disorder.Diabetes is a metabolic disorder due to partial or total lack of insulin, characterized by hyperglycemia. This may seriously complicate a pregnancy as you will see later on.
Diabetes is a result of high blood sugar levels. This may be due to lack of insulin or because the cells not responding to insulin properly. Whatever the reason maybe there are ways to keep the blood sugar under control. Here are some tips to keep your blood sugar level under control.
To get the best results, we need to rethink our exercise regimen. It's not about tiring one's self. it's about improving one's metabolic processes.
Diabetes is a serious disease spreading fast in the modern lifestyle. It is a disease linked with many other diseases and emotions. Hunger and anger are the two kissing emotions of diabetes. Diabetic people cannot tolerate hunger and they often get angry.
The month of November is blue. It has been pink in October, creating an awareness of breast cancer. November becomes blue to create awareness on another fast growing disease diabetes. Diabetes is spreading all over the world at an epidemic speed.
The month of November is blue. It has been pink in October, creating an awareness of breast cancer. November becomes blue to create awareness on another fast growing disease diabetes. Diabetes is spreading all over the world at an epidemic speed.
There lot of benefits in walking daily for 30 to 45 minutes will reduce the stress on the body and increase strength of the bones.
Exercise has become very essential in modern lifestyle, especially when it it is more sedentary. Diabetic patients should do some exercise to control their insulin level. But doing exercises is more difficult for them than the normal people. Is it not an interesting paradox?
Dieting. One of the more complicated issues. Oceans of information exist. Who do we turn to for the right view? What is honest? What works for me? Waves of thought crash here. You're about to dive into a new program.
World Chocolate Day is celebrated on 4th September. National Chocolate Day is celebrated on 28th October. Dates of this sweet celebrations vary due to occasions and countries. But it is good to think of its benefits at any time.
This article contains some of the most interesting facts and it is a must read article.
My niece was diagnosed with diabetes on the 26th. Her fourth birthday was on the 31st. Our new reality had been thrust into our lives, whether we were ready or not, diabetes was real. And here to stay.
My neice was diagnosed with diabetes just before her 4th birthday. Here is a story told from her perspective. It helped me understand what was happening too.
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