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Every time the world feels that the computers are slowing down, Intel has come up with a breakthrough chip, which increases computer capability. For the tech and the society, it means a lot. But how long can Intel keep the growth going? What is in store for the future technology? Ther...
KMEL Engineering found a new function of flying robotic rockband, they play several instrumental songs, the project was presented last year during festival in the United States.
Micro-controller is a small computer that is located inside a chip or IC (integrated circuit) which contains a processor core, memory, and component inputs / outputs that can be programmed. And for another definition that Micro-controller is an IC chip which there is in a microprocess...
iPad Pro rumours and the probable specifications. This article is based on the report by Evercore Analyst Patrick Wang
Most people when choosing a Computer or Graphics card to buy often come across this term. This article offers some insightful explanation into its meaning.
Discusses businessman Andrew Grove and his carer at the Intel Company
Which is the best Intel or AMD? For ordinary people maybe confused when they face this question. Or maybe they do not even know about this things. These processors benchmark are race to the top
This essay was my assignment over the weekend in my Advanced Placement Class in English. The topic that I was assigned to create an argument on was "Is the media trying to inform people with lesser of important information or are they giving more appropriate information for the curren...
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