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Creation of an ideology of a person is the function of the person's intellect while his/her wisdom leads him/her toward successes at any cost and irrespective of the person's ideology. Therefore, as far as ideology is concerned, intellect and wisdom of most of the persons are at confl...
I came across with concept of a home as an individual for growing up, as an Engineering Professional for keeping machines functional, and as an online Author for enriching myself with thoughts of others on their respective websites. Thus, every individual form of life grows in a home,...
In recent years, the legal battle between tech giants like Apple and Samsung over Intellectual Property rights abuse has brought this concept into sharp focus. Just like individual rights, its one of the most useful concepts around and a great boon for creative thinking. But increasin...
The page is just a reminder to those who think they have got all.Everybody must possess sense and that makes sense. being a nerd or a dynamic learner doesn't guarantee a good life or a good future for you. The writer is of the opinion that you must have knowledge combined with sense. ...
Spiritual quotients (SQ) is the soul of wit that can form the whole person. SQ does not follow the values ​​that exist , but creating a possibility to have it 's own values ​. Spiritual quotients (SQ) is the intelligence that comes from the heart, makes us creative when we are f...
Definition of IQ is to explain the nature of intelligence includes the ability to understand, memorize, solve problems, calculate, using the language, analyze and use logic. Ability IQ person can be determined by following the IQ test. Large companies typically use IQ tests to determi...
When we look at present day and go back in time couple of hundred years, we could have done the same thing, if we only have now.
Free will is a subject often discussed, and little understood. Only the obedient are free. We must serve God with a free heart from love. When we do this, only then can we free our minds from its fears.
Poetic intelligence are my views across Wikinutty's ...Do also apply your own minds
These sites we all boast about have to survive So they can hardly pay We get an opportunity to post our penny's worth Thank them ..for it It satisfies the urge in us to be called poets and writers .
I'm always fascinated by many strange things that I come across when I browse through various internet pages. And at the same time, I also feel that I'm simply loading plenty of garbage into my brain space. I just want to know whether you have the same kind of feeling.
Another job... another few cents. ARGH! This short-short was written for an assignment for my Uni studies but ended up being a reflection of my working life! LOL
Intelligence alone is god's gift to few ....the rest are simple followers , critiques and damners.. ..Very few appreciate....Most are devoured by E G O
Dedicated mainly to individuals who are different. Society these days often confuses different to mean weird which leads certain people to shy away from these individuals in the belief that they are creepy. It is only because society does not understand these individuals that they att...
Designed mainly for the intellectuals, but also to appeal to people in a way that makes them think about their way of life. This page attempts to help people to learn daily and not just to accept their thought patterns and behaviour patterns
You are too intelligent for my dwarfed mind to comment is a satire maybe to place a guy in his scabbard as his brief shows far below
A Heart to Heart talk about knowing my Country and getting a bit close to it with a slightly different backdrop.
wise sayings to get the mind thinking and the blood flowing as well as the heart reflecting. It is a collection of wise sayings to help you rethink some of your thought patterns and behaviours
A list of sayings to make one think and to provide the light side of life to the readers. It explores lots of cliches and looks at it in different ways
Sayings, how to interpret body language, human emotions and how they effect their body language. An interesting exploration of words and sayings that are often misused or misunderstood.
Habitual working provides benefit of high productivity but causes boredom, imbalance in body development and loss of intellect in the worker. There are two strategies for eliminating negative aspects of habitual working.
a poem of meditation of the world around me. of life of tragedy of hurt of pain of sorrow of inspiration of government of corruption of power and control...the world as it is seen through ones eyes not so complex but structured to keep ones in place of power and others lowly
There is always this belief, that because a certain people dominate an area. There is some connection.
A spiritual poem regarding what may come in the afterlife.
I tried to present in this poem what Jiddu Krishnamoorthy said about Birth & Death. Am I successful? Am I clear in this expression?
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