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A few recent leaders of India, who are neither writers nor philosophers, are fast bringing about laws to curb the use of international social media by the people of India. They are furious over the speed and completeness with which their clandestine favouritism and corruption are brou...
This article is about the many dangers facing children in the cyber world. We, as parents must always be vigilant and monitor their internet activity
On Thursday, the international press writes about Google's new authentication system, covers methods of agitation of the "Islamic state", as well as reflect on the agreements after the liberation of Hope Savchenko.
All in all, the future looks good for the Silver Surfers of cyberspace — they’re getting the hang of this Internet thing just like everyone else.
Internet has affected all aspects of our life. Business world is no exception in this case. Here are a few application of internet in business world.
I few tips and personal experience of making money online in 2016. Making money on the internet is constantly changing.
The IP (which is the common acronym for the Internet Protocol) represents the protocol or the method which serves to convey data on the Internet from one PC to another.
The Triond servers are down. Is this The End??? Another writing site bites the dust???
The curtain call of supporting cast of the satirical prose about a former far away kingdom cum social writing site frequented by macro-bloggers, neo-vagabonds and republicans this Is the synopsis and unforgettable characters behind the epic fail.
This article reflects upon how much we rely upon the Internet in our every day lives. The Internet has taken over our minds; at least it does for some people.
There are a few tricks that we can try to speed up the performance of Windows 7 while surfing on the internet so that we can feel the difference with the previous OS is Windows XP
Matt Drudge thinks new copyright laws aimed at curtailing internet news aggregators could put him out of business. But for people who take the trouble to create original content, it could be an opportunity.
Prompted by a post from Peter Giblett (responding to an earlier one by Kaylar) and then to a post from Kaylar on a different but related topic, I decided as someone who spent 30 years working with computers and was involved in the development of internet technologies, to throw my hat ...
A look at the unethical methods used by the largest it and internet companies in India to acquire talent and technology cheaply
My page views are booming upwards from single and double digits to hundreds and thousands page views from December 30, 2013 to September 22, 23, 2015 and forever by being constantly on the first page of Google for my online internet presence worldwide from June 3, 2010 to September 24...
Mother calls me to come for breakfast with Father and her. She also would like to discuss something with me. She says she has good news and bad news. Well actually the good news is also bad news. Actually, the bad news is news but the good... I get confused. But after listening, ...
Get valuable information about 5 key elements which acts vital role in success of digital marketing.
The general public cannot diagnose mental illnesses just because they read something on the net. It takes years of training to be able to differentiate the subtleties between the illnesses and even then misdiagnoses have been made.
Indian internet companies are far worse than Amazon, yet no one documents their atrocities, exploitation of harmless webmasters, domain investors
Nigeria has garnered notoriety in the world for her citizens' involvement in internet scam. this article addresses five reasons behind this phenomenon.
A browser extension is a computer program that extends the functionality of a web browser in some way. Depending on the browser and the version, the term may be distinct from similar terms such as plug-in or add-on. Extensions can be created through use of web technologies such as HTM...
Google is not interested in you or your page. Everything that Google (and other search engines) care, is to give users the best experience possible.
Identity and resume theft tactics to acquire talent in the high profile Indian IT, internet sector
A report of President Obama's announcement of a new initiative to increase high-speed Internet access to low-income families.
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