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Catching up on a few posts, from the last week or so.
It has been several days, and I've written several nice pieces, I hope you will enjoy.
It has been a while since I posted, and I've written several nice things, thoughtful things, I would like to share with you.
True fulfillment comes only through nourishing our soul. Despite the increasing glitz that captivate us they prove fleeting in their impact and just a temporary escape mechanism. We need deeper inspiration and purpose that comes only through introspection of what our shared journey is...
A short consideration on the predicament of my generation and a method for discovering truth in a world of relativism.
A journey to ask our inner selves, " what is the magic that makes you soar?" An introspective look at the truth of our higher consciousness, and the unlimited possibilities of the connection of All of Us.
This article is about a friend who always help me in my difficult times. Unlike other relationships, which fade in due course of time or they are affected by the priorities of a person in his life.
Trying to know the answers of many questions.. begining with who i am.. why i am so.. what made me so.. who made me so... nd so on...!!
An Iambic tetrameter spiritual, sentimental poem.
Life could well be a dream, but proving longer than the norm. However, we can wake up right here through forging better cooperation, learning from our mistakes and rising to higher consciousness. That way we are released from self-defeating pursuits that doom us repeatedly.
This is a short poem dedicated to all of my fellow poets on this site. We know who and what you are.
The age-old question we ask children, "What do you want to be when you grow up?" still has no answer for me. Although there are many ideas and possibilities, it is hard to choose a career path. I still can't decide what I want to be when I grow up! Can you?
Make everyday of the New Year a happier one and the whole year will be adding more and more happiness. Happiness is not something that comes from outside. But it comes from within.
poem is about thinking and introspection and then becoming better
My poem is a message, you may try to decipher it if you will
Some people can see all the wrongs in others, but do not like it when theirs are highlighted.
Change is often scary for us. However, if we don't learn to embarace it, our lives become stagnant and stale. I am, personally, looking forward to walking into a new season of my life.
Thinking of someone you care about, when they are so far away can bring such an ache to the heart, yet somehow those thoughts can cross a divide...Especially if he is thinking about you too...
This is one of my young teenage rants. I thought it was useless a few months after me and my girlfriend from the time (still together, been over a year and a half as of 5/12/2011) worked out our issues. I recently reread this and found that i still had something to learn, and that the...
Johari's Window is used as a psychological tool within Counselling...It breaks down the four panes of glass in a window, to emphasise how others see us, how much we will happily self disclose, and what we keep hidden from others, and even hidden from ourselves.....It is our window out...
When taking a course in Counselling, we were tasked to find our own expression of the journey that we were undergoing...As a potential healer, to help others, we had to learn how to heal ourselves first...This was my journey...
Millions of people around the world begin each day with meditation. Millions more are discovering the added benefits of conducting their daily commune within a space devoted specifically to quietude, introspection, or prayer. This article will provide historic insight as well as a f...
A short introduction to, well, me! Includes links to other pages I have written.
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