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Life is an opportunity, take it to better yourself. For as it says in the Bible of Christendom (As a universal law also:) To them that have, more will be given. To them that have not, what little is there will be taken away. What that means is that you must appreciate what you have an...
This is one great idea that you will find amusing yet embrace its wide uses and applications. This was even controversial that had pro and cons bombarding the idea champion and co- proponents.
Have you ever seen or heard about some product that you think should have never been made?, I bet you have, well, here are some I think are just inappropriate.
A wheel is the rudimentary for any invention since advancement of civilization. This post tells it.
The more you improve your language skills, the more your efficiency shines in every field. Language skill and tool making are developed in the same area of the brain. Will this research enlighten the evolution theory of humanity?
Ever had an idea? Ever had an idea go wrong? Don't worry you are not the first to suffer and you won't be the last. How you innovate and bring new ideas matters greatly. It is too easy to give up yet it is also easy to let the idea consume you.
I was rejected and condemned for ever. Why could I not present this at that time?
This article is about my Nephew David who with good old American ingenuity invented a trailer that attaches to his bike big and strong enough to haul 300 pounds of lawn equipment for his lawn care business.
it is remarkable that most of what we use daily were once a part of someone's imagination
It is possible that creative thinkers are born not made. Education can, of course, help to develop latent powers, but it is not a vital factor.
This article is about the new inventions. All the technology items are developed based on the necessity.
An archtect has come up with a brilliant use for phone booths.
Modern electronics has brought out a pen that doubles as a camera.It is good fun and can be used for spy activities as well.
Yes man in his quest for some form of alleviation, also have cause his replacement in the workforce.
It is amazing how many inventions are produced when one take a though to relaity
There is always someone who make it all come together so wonderfully
Discusses the invention of liquid paper and its inventor Bette Nesmith Graham.
A question of hunger never answered! A contemplation never satiated! [b]Are you not hungry for answers?[/b]
Years had passed since then when William Shockley, Walter Brattain and John Bardeen developed the transistor, replacing the vacuum tubes that were used in the telephone networks.
Henya Melichson of Israel started making of paper cuttings in art from 1984,with twenty years experience she written a book "The art of paper cutting"
Yes inventions are aids to help alleviate the burden on human being, But are they utilising this free time positively.
~Philosopher, Dreamer, Madman, Jester~If you call out the clowns & the wise men of earth~I’ll clean up the elephant dung~said it once, said it twice~get that damned cop outa my room~
Describes how one mother created the Snugli baby carrier.
Practical genius has often gone unrewarded. There is a compelling fascination in the magic moment at which an original idea crystallizes in someone's head and a new invention is born sometimes the moment comes after months or years spent searching for a solution to a clearly defined ...
A story of one of the most remarkable man in history, An Artiste, Inventor, Mathematician, in fact unlike anyone the world has ever seen.
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