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Dad, Molly, Miss Darcy, Robert and Milly are on their way back from the museum. It's snowing again and Molly hopes the old van makes it home. Miss Darcy found an arrowhead in a corner of the burned out museum. Dad has it wrapped in tissue in his pocket. The mystery continues to unf...
The team is rested and ready to get back on the road. Molly's been investigating the Curator and believes that he plays a part in the robbery and the fire. She just can't seem to put her paw on a reason.
Dad is driving Robert and Molly home from the library. They were actually doing undercover work at the curator's house. They had to be slick and tell Dad they needed to go to the library. Dad has no idea what the team has discovered. Mum is the word of the night.
The Fire Marshall notified the team that the museum fire was arson. Molly did some research and found out where the curator lives. Robert and Molly have told a small fib to Dad and said they needed to go to the Library. They are now in route.
Dad, Robert and Molly spent part of the day viewing the building where the museum was located before the fire. Molly thought it felt strange to walk in the building and see the sky from inside. All their clues went up in the fire. Now, Dad is waiting for a report from the Fire Mars...
The museum burned down and Dad, Robert and Molly are on their way to investigate the fire. They are in the van driving toward the square. There's snow everywhere and their sliding all over the road. Molly's hoping they get to the museum in one piece.
While everyone was sleeping the museum burned to the ground. The fire crews worked through the night to put the fire out. The team was going to wake up to breaking news and Freddy was going to be beside himself for falling asleep at a critical time.
The city has been shut down by a raging blizzard. Everyone is home waiting out the storm. Molly did some detective work while Dad was watching the football game. She found out the curator's background was not squeaky clean. He was now at the top of Molly's list of suspects.
The tow truck driver had been nice enough to drop everyone off at home. They are now home waiting out the storm. Freddy was watching the news and mom was cooking dinner. Dad's waiting for a call from forensics about the clue Katie found. Molly and Milly are watching the snow come d...
The team is at the museum. They are standing at the top of the stairs waiting for Dad to talk to the curator. The man seems to have an attitude problem and Molly is very annoyed with him. She wants to get started on the investigation.
The captain of the police department sent Dad, Robert and Molly to investigate a theft at the museum. The museum was actually on the third floor of an old building near the town square. Dad and the team did a walk through and Dad took notes. Molly observed and Robert walked around ...
The big guy broke into the beach house and tried to attack Molly. He tripped over Milly and fell backwards into the coffee table. He hit his head and was out cold. Molly's trying to come up with a plan and Milly is beside herself and wants to go home.
Molly's family is stranded at home because of the summer storm. Molly escaped from the beach house and made her way to the boardwalk. She's sound asleep under a picnic table waiting for the storm to let up. Her plan is to walk to the police station for help.
Molly's being held captive at the beach house and it looks like she's not going to be able to get out of this predicament on her own. The bad guy wants to get rid of Molly because he thinks she knows too much. Molly's starting to get nervous and she needs a plan.
Milly's been up all night guarding the compound. She scared off an intruder in the middle of the night. She turned on the spot light and watched as he ran down the beach. It's a new day and Molly's got a plan.
Molly came face to face with the guy who sent her to lockup. He was on the beach coming toward her when the kids came and saved the day. Everyone made it home safe but Molly knows there's going to be trouble.
Dad, Molly and Milly have just arrived home. They've been to the library and the carnival. Dad borrowed some maps from the library and wants to do some research. Molly's a little out of sorts because she ran into the guy who put them in lockup. Milly is hot.
Dad, Molly and Milly have agreed to work side by side on the investigation. They are putting their skills to work. Molly found a map in the victim's beach house and they are hoping the map leads them to the killer.
Dad's just picked Molly and Milly up from the pound. He had to pay a heavy fine to get them released. Milly want's to go home to grandma's house and Molly's very quiet. They are both in a lot of trouble. Dad's not talking and everyone's dreading going home. Milly will be surprise...
Molly and Milly arrived at their destination tired and thirsty. Molly showed Milly how to get in the house without being noticed. Milly was so tired she fell asleep on the couch which left Molly to hunt for clues.
Milly has just informed Molly of what she discovered on the internet. Molly is very impressed with Milly's research. The girls have decided to put their thinking caps on and come up with a plan to find the murderer.
Milly's been surfing the net over the last few days. She's been investigating murders and robberies around the country. There was some very interesting information in one of the Phoenix newspapers. Milly's made up her mind to share her discovery with Molly, but she's decided against t...
Molly needs access to Dad's computer. She's decided to branch out on her own and try to find out who murdered the guy on the beach. Molly's got some leads but she's keeping them to herself. Milly has a few of her own.
Molly did a little investigation on her own and now she's back home with her family. It had been a long walk back from the victim's beach house and Molly is tired. Her paws hurt and she has a little sunburn. She's going to continue looking for clues without involving Dad.
Molly had walked to the boardwalk by herself. She was going to go to the beach house where the victim had been staying. The plan was to find a way into the house and look around for anything that seemed suspicious.
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