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Why use iPhone or Android? By reading this article you will find yourself helpful in Making Decision Between iPhone or Android.
ATTENTION: If you hold the buttons depressed longer than necessary can put the iPhone into recovery mode, which will involve having to connect the device to iTunes and you may lose content. Also, it is good practice to resort to iTunes and make regular backups of your iPhone.
funny crimes that have been busted because of new smart phone apps
All the contemporary companies, business and organizations need outstanding market presence along with the effective business strategy so that superior market ratio can be captured along with boosted business effective business and better business control.
This article is something about Google Wallet app, Which is released for beating Passbook app.
The iPhone 5 is here to make a difference in smartphones and what makes it tick amongst most smart phones is the features displayed below:
Technology has seen a lot of changes in the way we live nowadays. This improvement runs down to devices that we use to make our day to day deals. As such, the Apple company has a new release- The iphone 5c
The all-new iOS 7 upgrade is beautifully intelligent, and simplistically elegant.
The following article is a mixture of a few tips and tricks - mostly tips and some guidelines for those of you who just bought an iPhone 4. If you are skeptical about the reception and other potential problems that could have your iPhone 4 - do not worry - you are not alone. We will a...
Nowadays, Android and iOS are one of the world’s most famous mobile platforms being used by people. These are operating systems designed and developed by Google and Apple, Inc., respectively.
iPhone 5 is the latest gadget in town so far. But after this what's next? In this artilcle you'll know more about the latest iPhone 5.
iPhone 5 The new smartphone from Apple the friend which you need every hour and every day
For those who have just gotten the new iPhone 5, be sure to protect it with a stylish, cool iPhone 5 case today.
Different mobile users have different needs and preferences when it comes to mobile gadgets. Let us take a closer look at what the IOS 6 has to offer.
A post about the iPhone 5's wideband audio calling and the new Opus codec which will be used in Skype. Both have been designed to give significantly better audio quality.
Apple is already receiving bundles of complaints over it's newest device the i phone 5. So we ask the question. Is this expensive device worth all your hard earned cash?
The iPhone 5 has been officially announced and pre-sales sold out on Apple’s site in one hour. Guess what? If you have an iPhone 4S, the iPhone 5 isn’t necessarily worth the upgrade. Apple’s new mobile operating system, iOS 6, will be able to run on your device, so you’ll get ...
A full list of features of the gadget that took the world by storm, iPhone 5
This article is about the upcoming Apple iPhone 5. With every passing day as the releasing date is coming near, iPhone freaks are desperately waiting to get hold the product at the earliest.
iPhone, most expensive touch screen mobile series... The last mobile of this series released by apple was iPhone 4s. So next one's going to be iPhone 5 fo sure. I've wrote here about the release date!
The battle is on to unseat Apple where Steve Jobs made it shine--and mighty Apple is already looking at risk.
7 little words answers for chocolate, bridges, impossible and lemonade questions.
IPhone 5 specification and information about the release date of most wanted mobile phone.
Apple reinvented the mobile phone, and revolutionized the smartphone when it introduced the iPhone. It has been surpassed in overall market share by the me-too, copycat Android OS, and Microsoft's Windows Phone 7 is a worthy challenger as well, but this fall Apple has an opportunity t...
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