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This book needs editting more than hot chocolate needs sugar.
On a day such as today and over a hundred years ago, Oscar Wilde was sentenced to forced labour in prison after having been acclaimed for his plays.
Since it will be Saint Patrick's day in two days, I am presenting a St. Patrick's day biography of the Irish saint.
Halloween or All Hollow’s Eve and some of its traditions.
Both my grandson and I win awards, he for being such a great teacher and I for being a good student.
Sir Wilfred Grenfell, a medical missionary in Northern Newfoundland and Labrador from 1892 to 1938, would have been familiar with such place names as “Savage Cove”, “Davis Inlet”, “Ragged Islands” and “Chimney Tickle” but you may be sure that he would not have heard of...
A bit of good old Irish banter, inspired by, and dedicated to wikinut author and friend Fern McCostigan...please come on in and join us for an Irish knees up.
St. Stephen's day falls on a Sunday and all but Felipe attend at least one of the church services. Monday sees the first 'time' of the Christmas season.
The new stress tests for Irish banks, what will they involve and are Ireland confident?
I write about the little people who occupy the woodlands of Newfoundland.
The first settlers in Newfoundland came speaking the language of Elizabethan England but in later years there was a large immigration from Ireland and as with the English, friends settled together. Sometimes upon visiting such communities, one might be excused for thinking that he had...
Origin of the word boycott and how it became a peaceful way to struggle.
An appraisal of Philomena, a film starring Judi Dench and Steve Coogan which tells the true story of Philomena Lee, who as a young woman in Ireland was committed to The Magdalen Sisters after she became pregnant while unmarried. The Magdalen Laundries where the women were required to ...
A guide to some of the best reasons that tourists should choose the United Kingdom as a vacation destination.
Captain Sampson Griffith touches upon a potpourri of world issues, brief but with a sting, and makes reference anew to "paradisiacal" standard with humankind veering off course - Jamie Sentana-Ries-Cortez
Ireland's Cliffs of Moher are among the top tourist destinations in Ireland. Here is how to make the most ouf of visiting the Cliffs of Moher.
So I thought I would take a moment to write a nice summery off the laws surrounding firearms in Ireland as my lovely neighbours seem to think there are no laws and shooting on our land and off the roadside is perfectly “OK”.
Some information on Newts in relation to my little trip out into the fields in search of these adorable little amphibians.
Captain Herman Griffith speaks his mind in a stern message that only those in the know will grasp and understand and there's no doubt his words will hit home. - Jamie Sentana-Ries-Cortez
A true story about a friend's automobile accident in Ireland.
I love travelling to Ireland on the ferryboats. My favourite crossing is from Holyhead to Dun Laoghaire. So join me on one of my return journeys home to England from this lovely port . . . .
A Sudden Gift of Fate" is the sequel to "The Cyber Miracles" and another page-turner. This book takes readers on a journey from Ireland to Upstate New York's Finger Lakes region. Here's a peek between the pages.
Lisdoonvarna? The name conjures magic and curiosity ! What is it about this village that gives it such a repuatation? Never been there? Well it should be included in your itinerary if at all possible - its legendary reputation precedes it all around the world. I was lucky enough ...
During my time living in the Midlands of Ireland, I was fortunate to be taken on several excursions to explore the boglands for which the area is famous, and at the time one of these areas, Blackwater, was experimenting with what was a unique tourism concept – The Blackwater Bog Tra...
When y mother passed away in 1995, I didn't cry. Yet, my spirits were dangerously low and I needed to move on somehow.
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