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To know what inspired George Bernard Shaw, the strange and out of the way things in his life need only be just gone through. It is clear that it was his own life that inspired him. It is very interesting to watch the tiny ship of his life navigating the tumultuous seas. Bertrand Russe...
A long narrative poem in rhyme about two children who meet up with a rowdy bunch of leprechauns and attend the Leprechaun Ball. Used in the schools I taught in.
"A Wisdom of Owls," will keep readers on the edge of their seats. This is the third and final book in the Maeve Kenny series - an Irish American young woman with a knack for finding problems and solutions.
A Sudden Gift of Fate" is the sequel to "The Cyber Miracles" and another page-turner. This book takes readers on a journey from Ireland to Upstate New York's Finger Lakes region. Here's a peek between the pages.
"The Cyber Miracles" is the story of a young woman with an exciting career in Manhattan and a soap opera star boyfriend. She suddenly loses everything and must start life over in her upstate New York hometown. This is a story with several plot twists and turns plus some Irish language...
John Huston's last directing job is the icing on the cake of a career that spanned five decades.
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