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A series of explosions followed by firefight occurred in the shopping center area of Sarinah, Jl MH Thamrin, Jakarta, Thursday (14/1) at around 11:00. As many as seven people were victims, five of them were perpetrators and two were civilians.
A quick reading for the organization known as Daesh for the next few months.
Obama gave a pretty speech and basically said Islamic State was not Islamic and neither was it a State; that pretty much summed up Obama Strategy for Islamic Terrorism!
Obama sucks at his job and people are beginning to notice it. Mid-term elections will most likely see Democrats lose the Senate; they lost the House in 2010 mid-term elections!
We are supposed to be living in a civilized world but our problems continue from time immemorial; unable to find common ground to unite and allowing few to impose their views, ride roughshod on us, while rhyme and reason are daily casualties. Getting to the facts of the matter with gl...
A critique of the claim by brutally murdered journalist James Foley's mum that he could not influence US foreign policy.
ISIS threat has moved closer to America; they beheaded an American journalist supposedly in retaliation for American bombing, as if ISIS needed any excuse to do that; they've been killing, raping, beheading all non-Sunnis, non-Muslims across Syria, Iraq and still going.
Islamic State aka ISIS massacred 80 Yazidis, a minority group in Iraq. Previously they've killing and pushing out all Christians from Iraq. All this to establish a Sharia ridden land not only in Iraq but across all Middle East.
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