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Recent terror outrages across the Western world have led to the belief in a vast Islamist conspiracy, but is there another, more plausible explanation?
A look at how things stand between the USA - NATO alliance and the Russia - China - Iran bloc in the wake of recent airstrikes on Syrian government forces by US, British and French military aircraft and drones.
Comparing the Character James Bond with the elements that make up the coldness of the ISIS should be changed into a more unilateral way of saving the world by someone who has heart and love of country. While it is stated that Mr. Bond has love of country but shows no remorse for pulli...
Who is funding ISIS, how has the terror group managed to assemble such a large, well equipped and (apparently) well fed fighting force and been able to wage a two year war against the Assad regime in Syria, the forces of the autonomous Kurds and the army of the Iraqi government, such ...
In order to eliminate terrorism from the world,eliminate discrimination.
The Republicans wasted no time after the Paris attacks jumping on the bandwagon to peddle fear and spread their nastiness, their pettiness, their cruelty and their cluelessness.
Our knee-jerk reactions to terrorism are just what the terrorists want. Are we about to play into their hands again?
Terrorists attacked Paris leaving at least 128 people dead. Nations unite once again to show that peace must not be compromised at all times.
A rather sarcastic look at how the Washington / London / Paris / Brussels narrative justifying continued support for Al Qaeda / Al Nusra 'moderate' extremists in Syria is unravelling in the wake of Russia's intervention in support of their ally, the Assad regime.
The days of the ancient Egypt are long gone but not forgotten. Many people today study these ancient peoples, whether for historical or for spiritual reasons. Some people think they were evil, whilst others consider them the purest form of spirituality. One things for sure Egypt had t...
A quick reading for the organization known as Daesh for the next few months.
Aren't we helping spread awareness about Islamic State and other racial hatred when we discuss it?
We have covered the curse of King Tut's, the Egyptian mummification process and now we will look at the ancient Egyptian religion pertaining to the after world.
This piece concerns the absurdity of the Administration's priorities. The Administration shies away from real problems and creates straw men which afford bureaucratic victories by mere proclamations.
An instant access on what's happening around the globe.
A brief featured news about the recent victim of the Islamic State of Iraq and Sysria (ISIS) that rock Asia and the rest of the world.
This is my opinion on teens of today - What adults must do.
This is my opinion of the war we should also wage against wrong ideology.
With the kidnapping of almost 300 girls, Nigeria's problems with Boko Haram hit the mainstream media. But this country is not unfamiliar with the terrorist group. Boko Haram has been ravaging this country in its effort to install it's own caliphate.
Obama completely messed up understanding viruses and terrorism. For both, his reaction has been incomplete and late. As a result, no amount of Czars can stop wither of the two afflictions.
After the brutality killing of people by ISIS, Worldwide Anonymous hackers group has come in front to stop this killing through the cyber attacks that are helping the ISIS group financially...
Commentary on the way President Obama is going about dealing with the threat of ISIS.
The definition of insanity is trying to solve problems by doing the same things that failed the first time over and over again, and that is precisely what Barack Obama is doing in the middle east.
This article is about the a female fighter pilot that help with an attack on ISIS
This article is about a rebel group who killed a innocent man
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