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the French have a long history of defeat and the easy way out in the 20th century. Their record of defeat does not inspire confidence.
The terrorist militia Islamic State has released a video that will show the murder of the second Japanese hostage. Japan's prime minister says he will "never forgive" the terrorists.
The threat posed by Islamist terror group has now taken on a whole new dimension. It was one of the bloodiest weeks since the beginning of terror attacks by the Boko Haram Islamists of about five years ago.
If the jihadists leader Abu Bakr al Baghdadi possibly dead? The American forces do not rule out that the IS-leader was among the victims of an air attack by the military coalition near Mosul.
The United States question the effectiveness of the Iraqi security forces against terrorist "Islamic State" - and increase the visibility of their training forces significantly. Meanwhile, get the moderate forces in Syria in ever greater distress.
The bomb and the bullet are certainly to be considered the least effective way to spread an ideology. Terrorism kills believers and non-believers alike, all innocents, all of whom have had their lives foreshortened by the idiotic actions of the so-called "true believer".
Obama completely messed up understanding viruses and terrorism. For both, his reaction has been incomplete and late. As a result, no amount of Czars can stop wither of the two afflictions.
Obama sucks at his job and people are beginning to notice it. Mid-term elections will most likely see Democrats lose the Senate; they lost the House in 2010 mid-term elections!
Current Obama administration is clearly inept and confused about terrorism and nature of Islamic ideology.
Second gruesome beheading and Obama and State Department are reluctant to call it a war; amazing presidency!
Obama and his administration are clueless about Islamic Terrorism and its threat. Their failure to act has resulted in thousands getting massacred. There is a rise of Domestic Terrorism as well, mostly a result of politically correct policies gone wild.
ISIS, one of the most brutal terrorist organizations in recent times, can be stopped only if their Sugar Daddy, Saudi Arabia stops funding terrorist activities, not only in Iraq but around the world. Chechnya, Indonesia, Africa, MiddleEast and many others receive millions and millions...
ISIS threat has moved closer to America; they beheaded an American journalist supposedly in retaliation for American bombing, as if ISIS needed any excuse to do that; they've been killing, raping, beheading all non-Sunnis, non-Muslims across Syria, Iraq and still going.
20,000 came out in support of Israel in Kolkata, India. This was very heartening for the beleaguered country of Israel which experiences a constant global disparagement over its conflict with Hamas, terrorist network in Gaza.
Al Gore sold Current TV Network to Al Jazeera for $500 million but Al Jazeera has probably found the deal wasn't that lucrative and have refused to pay Al Gore. Mr fake global warming guy aka Al Gore has sued Al Jazeera.
Another 72 hour ceasefire is about to end and Hamas is feeling the pressure from its people in Gaza who are suffering from the toll on their lives: physical, mental and economic. Both Israel and Egypt have put a partial economic block on Gaza.
Middle East is a perpetual mess with its terrorism, violence and constant conflict; Islam is at the center of it all. What could be the reason for its madness?
How the events of recent months continue to point the way for a yet another major disaster for mankind.
John Kerry completely messed up the peace process between Israel and Hamas by arriving with an anti-Israel agenda.
Peta and Hamas are connected; they both love animals. Peta loves them while Hamas loves to strap them with explosives to kill Israelis.
Hamas is known for hiding behind civilians especially children and women whenever in war with Israel, as well as storing their weapons in mosques, schools and United Nations Refugee Offices.
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